179 Chapter 179: It's Too Arduous 

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The light scattered. Hu Lian's form and spirit had already been destroyed, and even the thousands of demons were also affected by the aftershock. 

"Demon Emperor Hu Lian has fallen..." 

"She was killed by the sword of that human!"

All the demons looked at the woman who was wielding the sword in the distance, and in the next moment, they were so horrified that they fled in all directions. They left several times faster than when they came. 


When all the demons had retreated, 10,000 swords wailed and echoed in front of the Tianyun Clan.

Xia Xishuang looked at the Breaking Dawn Sword in her hand with great reluctance in her eyes. 

In the next moment, cracks began to appear on the Breaking Dawn Sword, which shattered and turned into dazzling rays of light that dissipated between heaven and earth, leaving only the hilt and a quarter of the blade intact. 


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