I Can See The World's Desires

Kota, who was about to graduate from school and enter society, suddenly discovered that he could see a list of everyone's desires. He saw that in the wish list of the school's beauty queen, there was "So lonely, how lonesome, I really want someone to accompany me tonight". He saw that the wish list of the casino owner was "Place a large bet, definitely don't place a small bet". When he saw the rich heir driving a luxury car at school, his wish list was "Someone lend me 500 bucks, the car's running out of gas." Everyone has multiple faces, as it seems that everyone's desires was different from what they showed on the outside. Kota realised that he seemed to have ushered in a turning point in fate. Since life has changed, he decided to head to the top.

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40 Chs

Cathrine’s Invitation

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Half an hour later, Kota was back at the hotel where he had stayed the day before.

The Manhattan Ice Fruit Hotel was in a very strategic location with luxurious decoration.

He had bumped into many 'models' on his way.

They were all dressed up to the nines and black pantyhose. They bit their lips lightly to seduce all the single men they saw.

Kota was their target.

Ignoring them, Kota came into the room to lie down.

After getting the list of desires, Kota already could see inside people's hearts. He also knew that the Hoskins clan was a motley crew. He did not want to stay in the clan anymore.

For Kota, small fights weren't a challenge at all.

His phone suddenly rang.

Picking it up, he saw it was a familiar number.


"It's me. Kota, are you free tonight? I want you to accompany me to a cocktail party."

After a few words, Kota hung up.

The content of their conversation was very simple. A woman called Catherine needed a male partner to attend a cocktail party hosted by a rich man.

What was going on with this woman?

Catherine was a woman that Kota had met at a small banquet.

This woman was exquisite and had a sexy figure, especially her red lips. Just seeing her once would make people want to kiss her.

The reason for this was very complicated. Just like Catherine herself, her family was also powerful.

She should not have crossed paths with a small character like Kota.

Before this, she had always been an existence that Kota did not dare to mess with.

Although Kota had also fantasized about her and also hinted to Catherine several times that he wanted to sleep with her, she had never responded directly but always maintained a distant relationship with him.

But today, she invited him to the party.

Kota's guess was that she must be up to something.

Now that he had a list of desires, he wanted to see what this woman was really thinking.

He would treat this woman as his prey tonight, becoming a hunter who caught amazing prey.

Was the appointment at 7 p.m.?

There was still over an hour to go.

Kota looked at his watch with a handsome smile.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, in a high-end hotel, Catherine was lying naked on a large bed with a pleasing fragrance.

Her sexy breasts were completely exposed. There were no other men here. It was just that she liked to strip naked when she was alone.

That was right.

Catherine was a very narcissistic woman.

When she was alone, she would ignore everything but herself. She would enter her little world and admire herself, from her skin to her hair on her body.

Just like most women in the west, Catherine had the habit of trimming her body hair.

She even trimmed her public hair to the most satisfactory shape.

This hotel was her family's property. No one had ever come to this room, which was exclusive to her. 

It was private.

At this moment, Catherine did not look very well.

She had been under a lot of pressure recently, as she had encountered many problems.

And the party tonight was troubling her even more, so she could only divert her attention by tidying herself up.

But she failed, as her fiancé would also appear at the party.

She did not love that man. She even felt disgusted. It was her family that arranged this marriage.

She had no feelings for him. Even the exchange of conversation would make her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Therefore, she wanted to find a man willing to accompany her to put on a show to deal with her current trouble.

She wanted her fiancé to back down.

After thinking about it hard and long, Catherine chose Kota.

Although Catherine did not know Kota well, she knew in her heart that this man was fond of her, and she just needed to say it and he would help her.

As for whether she would give him a reward after the event, that was completely unnecessary.

Catherine would not sacrifice herself for a man.

The two of them had met once before. Kota gave him the impression that he was a calm and shrewd man.

In Catherine's eyes, Kota must have come from a big family.

With such a man by her side, Kota should be able to deal with tonight's predicament with his tactfulness.

What Catherine did not know was that Kota was only a low-rung leader of the Mafia.

Compared to her family or her fiancé's, Kota was just an insignificant existence.

However, Kota had projected himself like a playboy. In fact, he lacked abilities, but his flirting skill was outstanding at that time.

Only if Catherine knew about this, she would definitely feel that she had chosen the wrong person.

What Catherine could never know was that Kota now had a list of desires. He was making her his target tonight.


New York displayed its own charm at nightfall.

This world's largest city that never slept seemed to wake up at night.

The lights were bright, and the traffic was heavy.

People took to the streets searching for their respective prey.

Who would become the hunter and the prey, and who would be the plaything of others would only be known waiting until dawn.

At this time, in the Metropolitan Hotel, men and women dressed in gorgeous clothes attended the grand banquet.

A top-tier rich man organized this banquet, which was held once a season and collected a lot of fine wine.

Kota would not have been qualified to take part before this.

He came not from any major family. He did not have enough wealth. He could not even get a ticket.

But at this time, he was qualified to come to the party as there was a beautiful woman in a black dress waiting for him.

It was Catherine.