1 Chapter 1: the Banished Immortal, Li Cangyue!

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Chapter 1: the Banished Immortal, Li Cangyue!

The Sun was setting in the west, while rays of bright red sunlight were gently sprinkling down.

Kunlun sword sect, on the main peak of Qixia.

Dense fog rose, while the mountains were hidden behind it, faintly discernible.

The trees were lush, the grass was lush, and there was an immortal aura to the area.

At this moment, at the foot of the mountain.

The once-in-a-decade immortal ascension ceremony of the Kunlun Sword sect was in full swing.

Countless people came from all directions when they heard the news and gathered together.

They could not suppress the excitement and yearning on their faces.

This was the Kunlun Sword sect!

It was the strongest immortal sect in the Shu province. As long as they could successfully enter the Kunlun Sword sect...

Then, it would be like a fish leaping over the dragon gate. It would not be a problem for them to soar into the nine heavens in an instant.

"Wow, is this the Kunlun sword sect? It's so magnificent and fascinating!"

"Yeah, if I can cultivate on such an immortal mountain, it would be a supreme honor. From then on, I would be able to stand proudly in the Shu province!"

"Not only can I stand proudly in the same generation, if I can meet a master teacher by chance, with the blessing of supreme fate, I don't expect to reach the level of the true senior brother, but it would be good to be able to reach 20-30% ."

"Who is the true senior brother? Is He very powerful?"

"You don't even know who the true senior brother is? Oh, that's right. The true senior brother has been in seclusion for a few years and has rarely stepped into the world."

"Banished immortal Li Cangyue, the number one genius of the Kunlun Immortal sect in the past thousands of years. He was born with the phenomenon of heaven and earth and is the best candidate to take over the sect in the future. No matter how powerful you are or how brilliant a genius you are, you will still be far behind in front of the true senior brother!"

As soon as these words were said, it immediately caused waves of exclamations.

Countless people were flabbergasted, and they couldn't help but want to be like him.

"Alright, stop arguing. Eldest senior brother isn't someone you can talk about."

An inner sect disciple who was managing the order at the side berated them in a deep voice.

Then, his gaze turned to a wooden house that was hidden behind the clouds and mist on the mountain top, and his eyes flashed with respect.


At the same time.

In the wooden house.

Behind the screen, a tall and well-dressed man was sitting cross-legged quietly.

His facial features were three-dimensional, like a knife cutting an axe.

His sword-like eyebrows reached his temples, and he was extremely handsome.

And the most eye-catching thing was the indescribable temperament on his body.

Drifting dust appeared in the world, and his every movement was indescribably free and easy.

However, it seemed to contain the truth of the Great Dao, making people feel enlightened and yearn for it.

Anyone who looked at it would feel that he was an unmistakable expert.

"Sigh --"

A sigh suddenly came from the room.

Li Cangyue slowly opened his eyes, and a trace of helplessness flashed through his deep and bright eyes.

As a transmigrator, he could be said to have a great fortune, and he was doing better than most of his peers.

He was extremely talented and had top-grade water spiritual roots.

At the age of seven, he reached the foundation establishment realm. At the age of twelve, he entered the core formation realm that others would never be able to reach in their entire lives. He was conferred the title of Daoist master.

Not only was his talent shocking, his actual combat ability was also the best.

The first time he came out of the mountain, he single-handedly killed a devil who was at the top of the dark list. His ferocity was monstrous.

He intimidated everyone in the world, and everyone in the world heard of him!

He was unrivaled in the entire Kunlun Sword sect. Even many elders of the older generation could only concede defeat.

Within a radius of 10,000 miles, he trampled on all those who could be considered as geniuses.

And that was not all.

Not only was his talent top-notch, even his family background was an existence that people of the same age could not compare to.

His father was the sect master of the Kunlun Sword sect and was known as the Canglan Swordmaster.

His father's Long River Sword Qi was vast and mighty, and his reputation was illustrious.

His mother was the daughter of the biggest merchant association in the entire Shu province, the eldest princess of the Pavilion of Delicacy.

The power and wealth in her hands were immeasurable.

If things had developed according to this plan...

Li Cangyue would have been like the son of Heaven in a novel.

He would kill Gods and Buddhas along the way.

He would trample everyone under his feet, and thus ascend to the pinnacle.

But all of this.

After the jade pendant he transmigrated with awakened...

It became a little different.

In his previous life, he always wore a jade pendant around his neck.

It was passed down from his ancestors, nothing strange.

But what was surprising was...

When he traveled through time and was reborn.

This jade pendant was still there.

It came with him!

All the higher-ups of the Kunlun Sword sect were alarmed.

They all agreed that this jade pendant was not simple.

But no matter what methods and spells they used,.

They could not understand its mysteries.

Even Li Cangyue's father, the Canglan Swordmaster, did not hesitate to use up a huge favor.

He found the Pavilion Master of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets and asked him to use a secret technique to deduce it, but he still could not find the answer.

However, the more it was like this, the more they felt that this jade pendant was not simple.

Otherwise, how could they not have any clues.

In the end, they came to a realization.

Every treasure of Heaven and earth had to recognize its master before it could show its power.

It was self-evident.

The owner of this jade pendant must be Li Cangyue.

They could only wait for it to open and wait for the opportunity to come.

The facts proved that they had guessed correctly.

When Li Cangyue was 13 years old.

For some reason, this jade pendant suddenly shone brightly, and then suddenly turned into a streak of golden light and disappeared.

At the same time.

In Li Cangyue's mind.

Waves of information flowed like a passing flower.

But in a moment, he, who often read novels in his previous life, understood.

This was clearly a golden finger.

And the function of this golden finger was very simple.

It had two functions.

The first was to be able to see through all things.

All things in the world, tangible and intangible, had no place to hide in front of it.

Any cultivation method, magical treasure, medicinal pill, including people.

As long as he wanted to, he could see through all information.

In order to verify this, he immediately checked his own information.

[ Character: Li Cangyue ]

[ Introduction, the only son of the sect master of the Kunlun Sword sect, the number one heaven's favorite in the Shu prefecture. He has a top-grade water spiritual root. Current realm: Core Formation Realm! ]

[ Evaluation: average talent, too singular spiritual root, lack of strength potential. Without a great opportunity, there is no hope of becoming an immortal! ]

Seeing this, Li Cangyue was shocked.

One had to know that the first step in immortal cultivation was to see if a person had a spiritual root.

Only one in ten thousand people had a spiritual root.

Without a spiritual root, one didn't even know which direction the door to immortal cultivation opened.

Simply put, it was to see who was reincarnated well.

This was only the first threshold.

And spiritual roots were divided into third, sixth, and ninth grades.

Low-grade spiritual roots were the lowest level of existence in the immortal cultivation world.

It could be said that they were everywhere and didn't have the slightest potential to speak of.

After all, high-grade spiritual roots absorbed spiritual energy at a hundred times the speed, what could be compared to it?

However, a top-grade spirit root was completely different. It was a qualitative leap.

This kind of talent was rarely seen in a hundred years.

The entire Shu province had an area of several millions of Li.

But such people were still only counted on one hand. It could be seen how rare it was.

This was also the reason why Li Cangyue was able to look down on all the heroes, and in just a few short years, he became a Daoist master.

It was such an extremely rare top-grade spirit root.

But in the eyes of the jade pendant, it was actually just so-so? ? ?

Li Cangyue was shocked!

This tone was simply outrageous.

Just what kind of existence was it that could have such a spirit that looked down on all things? ?

However, there were pros and cons to everything.

Ever since he had the ability to see through all things,.

Li Cangyue's temperament had undergone an earth-shaking change.

Everything he saw was trash, and his vision was ridiculously high.

To put it simply, he was spoiled!

And this was only the first effect.

There was a second effect, replication!

Anyone who had feelings of worship, admiration, and so on towards Li Cangyue.

Would digitize some belief values accordingly.

And as long as the belief value reached 100 points,.

Li Cangyue would be able to randomly obtain an ability from the other party.

After learning this, Li Cangyue was immediately overjoyed.

This ability was simply an invincible existence.

Think about it, the thing that others were most proud of, the one and only thing.

You could obtain it in an instant, and it was unlimited, how terrifying!

It was simply terrifying!

And what made him even more delighted was that...

This prerequisite condition to him...

Was just so easy!

In the Kunlun Sword sect, Li Cangyue was the most dazzling star.

Countless women adored and favored him.

And those male disciples also admired him immensely.

As long as he wanted to, he could hook his finger and he would have an endless amount of faith value.

But, very quickly, Li Cangyue thought it through.

Not everyone was worth his time to copy.

If he wanted to copy, he had to copy the strongest.

Because of this, in a short period of time, Li Cangyue made a bold decision.

That was... self-immolation... self-destruction of martial arts!

That's right, since the jade pendant said that his top-grade water spirit root was too simple.

Then he would gather all the top-grade attribute spirit roots of the five elements to make up for his deficiencies and become the strongest heaven's favorite.

That was what he thought and also what he did.

But unfortunately, top-grade spirit roots were too rare and could be encountered but not sought.

Ever since he formed his gold core at the age of twelve, he hadn't managed to gather all of them in eight years.

He had only managed to find a disciple with a top-grade wood spirit root.

Hence, now.

He had a top-grade water spirit root, top-grade wood spirit root, high-grade gold spirit root, high-grade earth spirit root, and bottom-grade fire spirit root.

Although he had gathered all five elements and condensed the strongest mixed origin spiritual qi.

But there was one biggest problem.

That was that he was too slow.

It was like making a cocktail.

Only by strictly mixing it in proportion...

Could he achieve the final ideal taste.

In other words, if he wanted to condense a Hunyuan spiritual energy.

Then he needed the five elements spiritual energy, in equal ratio of 1:1:1:1:1:1.

Although the top-grade wood spirit root and top-grade water spirit root could absorb spiritual energy a hundred times faster than the other attributes...

However, it was hard to cook without any rice.

With the existence of a low-grade fire spirit root as a pig teammate, it was a serious drag.

Therefore, Li Cangyue's current cultivation speed was essentially the same as a low-grade fire spirit root's.

It was no different from the most ordinary immortal cultivator.

And it was precisely because of this.

Although he had experienced foundation establishment and core formation once, he was very familiar with them.

But eight years had passed, and he was only able to cultivate to the third level of the Qi refinement realm...

Thinking of this, Li Cangyue wanted to cry but had no tears. He even felt somewhat guilty.

After all, he was the number one heaven's favorite of the Kunlun Sword sect.

He was the most eye-catching existence in the entire Shu province.

Within this radius of tens of thousands of miles, which Heaven's favorite hadn't been trampled under his feet and slapped crazily in the face? ?

In fact, some of them had been beaten by him so much!

If they were to know now that Li Cangyue was only at the third level of the Qi refinement realm...

They would probably rush over immediately to take revenge.

This was also the reason why Li Cangyue had been in seclusion all these years, pretending to be training in seclusion.

"Fire, I want fire! !"

Li Cangyue could not help but sigh in his heart.

As long as he found a top-grade fire spirit root, or not even that, only high-grade.

His cultivation speed would immediately increase by a hundredfold.

However, it was not so easy to find in such a rush.

Thinking of this, Li Cangyue could not help but stand up, push open the door, and walked out.

He leaned against the railing to view the scenery, intending to dispel the depression in his heart.

A breeze blew, and his green robe fluttered.

Coupled with his slightly melancholic gaze at this moment, he had the demeanor of a banished immortal.

Right at this moment.

A burst of noise suddenly came from below.

The words 'trash' and 'marriage annulment' could be vaguely heard.

Li Cangyue frowned slightly at first, then could not help but reveal an interested expression.

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