I Can See Everything's Weaknesses Book

novel - Eastern

I Can See Everything's Weaknesses

Langya Shu

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"Li Cangyue, who had crossed over to a world of immortals and heroes, discovered that he had obtained an ability. He could see the weaknesses of any item. [Divine Immortalization Elixir] The flames of the cauldron had not been controlled well when this elixir was produced. The effects of the elixir would be improved fivefold if it was refined a second time and some Starlight Herb was added to it! [Immortal Emperor Sword Mantra] The God of Swords left behind a tiny mistake when he was penning this sword mantra. It could be practiced by a cultivator in the Foundation Building stage if paired with the Divine Immortalization Elixir! [Calm Willow Strike] There was a flaw with the technique and could only be cultivated to the peak of the refining stage. It could then be cultivated alongside a user of the Immortal Emperor Sword Mantra to cover the flaws of each technique!"