I Can Peek Inside Every Place And Even Record It

Ciel reincarnated into a cultivation world, a vast world full of wealth and beauty. However, he finds life as a reincarnator is not as easy as he imagined. In all his years of cultivation, he was never able to live like the main character. There was no day without suffering until one day, he obtained one of the Legendary Nine Heavenly Treasures - the Eyes of Heaven. With those eyes, he could peer anywhere, through any wall and formation. Most importantly, no one could detect it. Filled with excitement, he boldly peeked into the palace of the Ice Goddess, which had recently been frequented by the Elf Queen. What did he find? Follow the story here... *** #No NTR Maybe you will think NTR about the relationship between the Elf Queen and the Ice Goddess, but believe me it's only the beginning, later you will find a surprising plot twist. https://discord*gg/kQRNTHh6eA

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Sleep With Beauty

When entering Mu Yixue's room, Ciel decided to sleep there tonight.

It was luxurious with many ice sculptures, similar to the halls of the Ice Palace, but the ones here were only small beast sculptures.

He also saw many luxurious dresses and some jewelry hung on the walls.

After observing for a while, he went to the bathroom whose door was still open as well, the bathroom where he saw Mu Yixue bathing.

There, the woman's fragrant scent was completely imprinted, making Ciel take a deep breath to savor it.

He didn't close the door, took off his pants and got into the bathtub whose water could be adjusted to warm.

Instantly he felt comfortable. The water there was not ordinary water, but contained great spiritual energy, probably coming from the Ice Palace.

"Why am I only able to enjoy something like this now?" He said, regretting the fact that he had suffered so much while living in this boundless world.

It even made him think that there really was no peace here.

Today he discovered that this world might be heaven for some people.

Time passed quietly while Ciel continued to soak.

He could sense Mu Yixue's movements through the Mirror Jade she carried.

That woman had left for who knows where and it seemed that she had begun to spread the Mirror Jade from there.

"Even with such a distance, I can still sense their presence," Ciel said in surprise.

That meant he could also activate them if he wanted to.

Ciel began to smile as he felt that the Jade was beginning to spread across the continents.

"Ah, that woman is really reliable even if she is annoying."

After saying that, Ciel began to think about his next plan.

Threaten the Ice Goddess and the Elf Queen and make them submit to him. Thinking about it made him tremble.

'When I succeed, I will level all my enemies,' he thought.

In fact, his enemies were not powerful at all compared to the entire Realm of Life. They were very far from being like the Gods.

Unfortunately he himself was also too weak that they could make him suffer.

Being curious about the Ice Goddess' palace, he peeked inside there once again.

The situation was still no different, the Ice Goddess and the Elf Queen were sleeping while cuddling tightly, looking like they were really enjoying it.

The word romantic was really enough to describe them.

Ciel couldn't help but wonder what the story of their relationship was, who first showed interest or declared love.

That question probably wouldn't be answered by them easily.

Not long after, Mu Yixue finally returned to Ice City. Ciel could still sense her presence as she still kept some Mirror Jade.

The woman did not go straight back to her mansion, but went to a fairly crowded area.

Perhaps she bought Ciel some clothes.

At this moment, Ciel finally had the satisfaction of bathing.

He picked up the towel in the bathroom, drying his body before covering it with it.

He returned to the bedroom and sat on the mattress before lying down.

"Ahhhh...." He couldn't help but sigh loudly at the softness of the mattress.

At the same time, Mu Yixue finally arrived in front of her mansion's courtyard.

She looked nervous and worried, her lips pressed together while her steps slowed down.

Ciel, whom she thought of as an insignificant man, gave her a high sense of fear as her entire fate seemed to be held by him.

Up until now, Mu Yixue kept wondering how she, who was a disciple of the Ice Goddess, one of the famous young geniuses suddenly had a problem like this.

Was it because of her selfishness in leading a group of women to beat up a young man.

In the end, she still arrived at the doorstep of her mansion despite her slow steps.

After taking a deep breath, she pushed it open.

She did not find Ciel in the living room, but that did not put her at ease as she could sense his presence in her room.

'He really hasn't come out yet.' Mu Yixue ground her teeth in annoyance.

The bedroom was the most private place for her. Out of fear, she tolerated Ciel entering her room, but even after several hours he still hadn't come out.

The thought of him sleeping there made her face flush. She didn't know if it was because she was angry or embarrassed.

Of course, she also felt the strange sensation of being near a man and she found it uncomfortable plus annoying.


She let out a soft sigh before walking to her own bedroom which seemed to be the most dangerous place for her.

Quickly, she saw Ciel's figure casually lying on her mattress, wearing only a towel and it was her towel.

Ciel had not slept, of course. Seeing Mu Yixue, he waved his hand, signaling her to come over.

Mu Yixue who thought that Ciel wanted to fuck her became angry.

"Aren't you afraid of me stabbing you?" She said in a loud yet beautiful voice.

Ciel shook his head in response. "Don't worry, I just want to sleep with you, nothing more than that."


Even if they weren't making love, why did they have to sleep together?

Did he think of her as his toy?

Mu Yixue's eyes glazed over. She was starting to feel oppressed.

Ciel was shocked at the sight, but it only made him laugh.

"Hey lady, after beating me up, are you going to cry just because of this?" He mocked.

The previous grudge was still there, which was why he occasionally bullied her.

Of course, the main reason he wanted to sleep together with her was purely because he wanted to embrace her beauty.

Her arrogance can be hated, but only a blind man cannot admire her beauty.

Mu Yixue's eyes suddenly bulged after hearing Ciel's taunt. "If the Goddess discovers the things you did, your history is over."

"Don't worry, she'll find out soon enough, but she won't do anything to me," Ciel replied, surprising Mu Yixue.

"What do you mean?" she asked hastily.

Ciel didn't answer, he responded by pulling Mu Yixue's body with his spiritual energy.

Surprisingly enough, the woman didn't resist at all. Perhaps it was because she was confused.


She fell right beside Ciel lying down and facing him.

While she was in shock, Ciel had already embraced her.

"Let go!" She blushed, trying to break away but not using her spiritual power at all so she was weaker than Ciel.

"I want to sleep, don't disturb me or all the Mirror Jade in this city activates and shows people your video," Ciel said.

His words instantly made Mu Yixue stop moving, even her breathing.

"Huhuhu!" Ciel didn't sleep right away, of course.

He stroked Mu Yixue's hair that was as smooth and silky as silk, giving a comfortable sensation to his hand.

At this point, Mu Yixue felt not only anger, but also a sensation that made her feel comfortable, the sensation of warmth from a man.

Subconsciously, she occasionally glanced at Ciel's shirtless body.

Of course, she was not stupid. She realized that her body was reacting to and subconsciously attracted to Ciel's body.

Not wanting to look like that, she finally turned her body around, her back to Ciel.

"This is my limit," she said in a firm tone.

"Trying to make rules?" Ciel chuckled, but he didn't try to force her to face him because from behind she was also very attractive, especially her ass, absolutely charming.

Ciel casually put his hand on her ass and caressed it.

"You!" Mu Yixue reacted instantly, she turned towards him with a flushed face and rapid breathing.

"What's wrong, miss?" Ciel pretended to be confused.

"F*CK you," Mu Yixue replied. She could do nothing else but curse.

In fact, this was the first time she had uttered those words which she thought were highly inappropriate with her highly honorable status.

Ciel was too lazy to respond, he pulled her slightly so that she was closer to him.

His face was in front of hers while his legs were already touching hers. Even her hands was resting on his chest.

Right now, he really felt like a king, lying down while embracing beauty.

Very comfortable, of course.

And he began to close his eyes. Even deliberately making himself sleep faster by using his spirtual energy.

When she discovered he was actually asleep, Mu Yixue was shocked.

'He really sleeps like this, is he not worried at all that I did something?' She wondered, looking at his handsome face only to blush.

This was very unbearable for her. In the end, she turned around again.

And right after that, Ciel hugged her tighter, a movement that Ciel himself did not realize because he was already asleep. It was done by his body because it felt comfort.

Mu Yixue's eyes opened wide, not because of Ciel's embrace, but because she felt something hard pressed against her ass, giving her an indescribable sensation.

'I fell, my fate is already in someone else's hands,' she said to herself, as if not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Even if somehow a miracle happened and she could escape Ciel's clutches, the memory of this night would never go away, would forever haunt her, or even worse, make her miss it because she couldn't deny that there was a feeling of comfort.

The body and mind were completely different things. Even when the mind rejects, the body may accept.

Perhaps in a normal situation, the mind can dominate the body, but in this situation, it is the body that dominates the mind.