1 Cultivation Diary

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Under the dim candlelight, Chen Mu wrote furiously in his diary.


18th December. Sunny.

Today is the 328th day since I've arrived in this unfamiliar world with my Little Assistant. As usual, I got out of bed before the rooster in the village crowed.

Have you ever seen the sun in Stone Village at four in the morning? I see it every day!

Although I have Little Assistant's help, it did not affect my diligence at all. I know very well that in order to become a true expert, I have to be intelligent, use my cheat, and never stop being diligent!

After practicing darts for two hours, I paid my respects to my master. Today is the anniversary of his death. If he had not brought me to Stone Village, I might still be a savage in the mountains. I have to be grateful.

I dare not forget Master's kindness.


When I left the house at dawn, my neighbor's daughter, Xiao Hua, was still hiding behind a tree and peeking at me. I had to pretend I didn't see her.

After walking for 200 meters, the second daughter of the village chief, Cui Lian, met me "by chance" again. If I didn't remember wrongly, this was the 46th time she met me by chance. Just like the 45th time, I greeted her and left.

Then, Er Zhuang's sister brought me breakfast. Today, she gave me wild vegetables, millet porridge, and two duck eggs. I didn't refuse.

After breakfast, I met Widow Wang again. When she looked at me, she still had that greedy gaze, as if she wanted to eat me up.


Unfortunately, I am destined to become a cultivator. It is impossible for me to have any entanglements with mortal women.

Otherwise, what would I do if I got attached to them?

What if they got pregnant and gave birth?

As an upright man, I will never abandon my wife and child.

At that time, I will have to bring my family along with me. How can I cultivate like that?

Not to mention, in another 20 days, my opportunity will come. By then, I will have to leave Stone Village.

Therefore, I'm sorry Xiao Hua, I'm sorry Cui Lian, I'm sorry… (500 more names omitted)

You've fallen for the wrong guy.


Right, something else happened today.

In the evening, a severely injured fellow entered the village and was taken in by the old village chief.

I had an impression of him. He was one of the bandits who had sneaked into the village a month ago but was scared away by me.

The bandit was good at acting, but he had no impression of me.

Before secretly killing him, I obtained some information.

In the mountains 50 miles away from Stone Village, two groups of bandits are fighting over a medicinal herb.

It is said that if one obtains this medicinal ingredient, they can exchange it for medicinal pills from a cultivation sect.

The two groups of people fought to the death for this medicinal herb. Both sides have already lost dozens of people.


Honestly speaking, the outside world has been getting more and more chaotic in the past six months.

I remember that there were no bandits around when I first came to Stone Village. Now, there are three or four groups of them.

However, the village chief's mindset is still stuck in the past. He actually dared to take in strangers at will.

After that guy died, the chief even blamed himself for a long time.

Sigh, Stone Village's people are too simple-minded…

Before his death, my master told me to protect Stone Village.

Hopefully, nothing happens to Stone Village during the period when I leave Stone Village and join the cultivation sect.

As long as I join a cultivation sect, it will all be fine.

At that time, I can put up a board of the cultivation sect at the village entrance. Stone Village will be free of worries. I can also fulfill my promise to my master and repay the kindness of my fellow villagers.


On the 328th day of living with my Little Assistant, I am still an ordinary person, but I am almost at the peak of being an ordinary person.

In another 20 days, the opportunity will come!

Success will be determined in 20 days.

I hope it works!

All the best to me!


A gentle breeze blew through the gap between the window and the mud wall, causing the candlelight to flicker.

Chen Mu's handsome face was also faintly discernible.

After he finished writing the cultivation diary, he looked at the crooked words on the paper and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he rolled up the thin piece of paper and placed it into the candle flame.

The paper was quickly lit, and the room brightened considerably.

Chen Mu smiled lightly.

Which decent person would write a diary?

How could he really write out his thoughts for others to see?

It was just that he had nothing better to do, so he was just writing for fun.

If anyone saw this, he would definitely die of embarrassment.


When the paper roll was reduced to ashes, Chen Mu started to check his Little Assistant as usual.

[Host: Chen Mu]

[Age: 18]

[Cultivation: Mortal]

[Talent: Fire Spiritual Root (5)]

[Attribute Storage Space: Empty]

[Battle Fluctuation Detection Range: 3,000 meters]

[System Upgrade Condition: 100 Low-Grade Spirit Stones]


The function of his Little Assistant was very simple. It was to extract some attributes from the aftermath of a nearby battle and store them for him to slowly absorb.

Stone Village was filled with mortals. He could extract some points of physical strength from their fights.

However, he could not extract much at one time, and he could rarely extract other attributes.

In short, this Little Assistant was somewhat following the rules of the "Law of Conservation of Energy".

This was also why he called it his Little Assistant.

It could not defy the heavens, it was just a tiny assistant.


With Little Assistant, he should be traveling around to see if there were any experts fighting, and to see if he could develop more functions for the Little Assistant.

However, he started off as a mortal.

Not to mention experts, he might not even be able to withstand the aftermath of a battle between ordinary cultivators.

This was one of the main reasons why he had been staying in Stone Village.

According to his previous plan, he would stay in Stone Village until he could no longer increase his strength before leaving the village to search for a cultivation sect.

With a certain amount of strength, he would be able to protect himself if he encountered bandits or thieves along the way.

Once he found a cultivation sect, it would not be difficult for him to join one with his aptitude.

After all, not many ordinary people had spiritual roots.

Although his cultivation aptitude was not very good, as long as he could successfully enter the cultivation world, he would definitely be able to make a name for himself by relying on his Little Assistant and his own intelligence.

However, half a year ago, something happened that gave him a better opportunity.

As long as he grasped it well, he might be able to have a higher starting point in the cultivation world.


[Signs of battle at 450 meters southwest!]

At that moment, a notification suddenly came from the Little Assistant. Chen Mu's expression changed slightly.

After living in Stone Village for so many days, his physical strength had almost reached the limit of an ordinary person.

When ordinary villagers fought, the system would not give any notifications, simply because he could no longer benefit from their battles.

To think… There was another notification today.

In the middle of the night, could it be that some powerful bandits had entered the village?

Chen Mu did not dare to delay. He quickly stood up and walked to the closet.

During the past half a year in Stone Village, he had been taken care of by many villagers. He had received a lot of their help, not to mention his master's dying wish.

Therefore, if any powerful bandits really entered the village, he would not idly sit by.

Opening the wardrobe, Chen Mu took out his night suit and put it on. Then, he took out the Hundred Treasure Bag from under his pillow and stuffed it into his pocket.

He gently pushed open the door. It was pitch black outside.

Chen Mu's figure flashed and blended into the night.

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