I Can Make Everything Level UP

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/bd9aDdEeQK Without noticing it, a man called Bill passed away, but then he realized that his life wouldn't end that way and soon he was reborn as Billy in another world. Billy was already satisfied enough that he retained his memories, but the surprises didn't end there. He was born with a weird power that granted him the chance to convert mana into experience points and transmit it to all sorts of things. Things were looking pretty good until he noticed that he was born in an impoverished and rustic village that was facing their imminent extinction in the hands of creatures that he had never heard of before and other tribes that had all sorts of abilities. Before he could learn how even to crawl, Billy had to find a way to help his tribe. Otherwise, they will be annihilated before he can even become strong enough to stand. Billy's journey will be much different than he had imagined. Much farther away from Earth than he had originally thought, Billy will have to adapt to a new environment where his tribe is at the bottom of the food chain. Will he be able to grow up safely and try to change things for the better for his new family and friends? The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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"Buruburuburuburu!" Billy said while making weird faces.

Currently, Billy was trying to make his siblings laugh. They finally were big enough for him to try to act silly and make them laugh. However, that only worked with Samuel, the older of the twins. He laughed quite a lot when Billy made those faces, but Samara cried… and after a while, Samuel would cry too. After several days of continuous research, Billy learned something that could make both of the kids laugh. He put his left hand under his right armpit and then moved his right arm, mimicking the sound of a fart. Both of his siblings laughed so much after hearing the sound of the far that Billy felt that he had accomplished his mission, but his mother was looking at him with stern eyes.

"I didn't really fart…" Billy said and then made a demonstration.

"I see… where did you learn that?" Camilla frowned.

"From the other kids during the training session," Billy replied with a lie since he couldn't say that it was something he learned in his previous life.

Nevertheless, Camilla didn't ask anything else because she was thankful for the fact that Billy really loved his siblings. Most kids of his age would feel jealous because he was once the center of the family's attention, and then suddenly, he wasn't anymore. He even helped her with their baths and when they needed to change clothes. It was quite the work to take care of twins, so she was really thankful.

Although, thanks to all that, Billy's time while meditating at home decreased by half, it wasn't something that he was worried about. His training was going well, and all his skills were way above his current age. In fact, it was on the same level as the kids that were training with the adults.

Billy - Lv 39- 180/2000 EXP

HP: 27/47

MP: 75/107

SP: 27/27

Strength: 22

Speed: 12

Magic: 36

Endurance: 12

Dexterity: 01

Status Points: 126

Skill List: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Language Skill Lv 39, Analyze Lv 22, Appraisal Lv 25, Meditation Lv 17, Spearmanship Lv 15, Swordsmanship Lv 07, Archery Lv 07

Skill Points: 175

"If I have to say that I am lacking and that something I want… it is magic," Billy nodded to himself.

Aside from some things and very basic skills and effects, Billy had to experience certain skills and effects to be able to learn or make use of them somehow. So, he considered going to check the battles between the guards and the elementalists. That probably would give him the demonstrations he wanted, but he never had the chance to do so until now. Considering how wary he was, Drew probably wouldn't take him if he asked…

"Waiting for three years… isn't something that I want to do," Billy thought. "Maybe there is some other way… like books that teach magic… Do they exist in this world?"

Since he was reincarnated, Billy never heard or saw a book, so it was hard to tell. Still, he should at least do some research and check it. While he probably won't find any book teaching him a spell, he will welcome any concept and knowledge.

On a rare day off that Drew had, Camilla decided to walk around the city with Samuel and Samara and make them get some sunlight. While they weren't plants, it was common sense among the tribe that kids grow healthier when they play in the sun often. While Billy couldn't help them carry the kids, he still went with them because that was a rare occasion and because it was a opportunity for him as well to find the books.

"Are you looking for something, Billy?" Drew asked. "You are looking around like you are."

"I am just curious since this is the first place I can see the other parts of the town," Billy replied.

While that wasn't exactly a lie, Billy was starting to get tired of hiding his powers… while it was something that could draw attention, he could trust on his new family… but then he realized that such a thing might put them at risk as well. In a world where he couldn't hide his face behind a mask or something, he had to be extra careful…

In any case, it was rare for the whole family to have that opportunity, to they walked around town for quite a while and checked many places such as shops and houses of the people they knew… However, they didn't find anything related to books. Billy was pretty sure that he had seen all the shops, so there was only one place to look for books.. the lord's residence.

"Entering such a place will be even harder than spying on the battles and seeing magic in action," Billy thought.

Only a few guards could enter the lord's residence and only when they were summoned. It was impossible for Billy to go to such a place unless he began to stand out. It was a pity, but Billy will have to put his plans to learn magic on hold. Still, he checked his skill list and saw if there was anything related to magic, but he didn't find it.

"I suppose controlling mana is the basis of everything. Let's see if I can do that while I meditate," Billy thought.

Since his two main skills used mana as a basis to make things stronger and Analyze and Appraisal were basically spells, he had a feeling that Maybe he could nu himself. However, after one week, Billy didn't make any progress… However, Billy understood one thing. The skills that he learns from the system can be used naturally and near-instantly without any problems. Still, Billy couldn't control them freely… he might learn and magic skills easily thanks to the system, but they will come with several limitations…