1 The Extraction System Activated

"Although I am now only a novice disciple, at least I have become a disciple of Sleeping Dragon Sect, and I believe that in the future, I will become an outer disciple and even an inner disciple as long as I work hard!"

Qin Yi braced himself and walked toward the door.

He was originally not from this world. He came from Earth.

He was not a Sleeping Dragon Sect's disciple either. When he crossed, he was a ten-year-old orphan that lived with his a-year-old younger brother in a simple house that their late parents left behind.

However, they are not completely poor, alone, and no one to depend on. Qin Yi and his younger brother still have an aunt who wields the most considerable authority in the town next to the mayor since she is the mayor's wife.

Therefore, although they are orphans, their lives were no less comfortable than any children of prominent families, and nobody has the guts to cause them trouble.

A year after Qin Yi crossed over this ancient world, he met a mysterious man who came to his door and asked him to take care of a baby.

At first, he wanted to turn down the mysterious man's request because his house is not sort of an orphanage or something. However, the mysterious man brought a lot of gold as payment for taking care of the baby. How could he refuse it?!

Even though his life is free from poverty, there is nothing wrong with receiving more money, right?

Regardless of the world, the temptation of money is hard to resist.

Moreover, isn't it just taking care of a baby? He has been taking care of his younger brother since crossing, adding another baby was not a problem for him.

He was unsure whether it was a curse or a blessing because he has an unbelievable affinity with babies for an unknown reason ever since then.

On his way home from the market, Qin Yi found an abandoned baby girl on the street. He could not bear to see her, so he brought the baby girl home.

Later, the rumours about his benevolent act became known to many people, and some people wanted to send the parentless babies to his house.

Qin Yi wants to refuse their intention decisively, but again money, oh money...

He feels ashamed by his real motive. Therefore, he swore to take care of the babies well and never unfairly treat them.

Five years later, Qin Yi has already received ten abandoned children and unconsciously developed his house into a kind of orphanage.

However, in this world, no one knows the term orphanage. Perhaps, only Qin Yi was familiar with this term, and he was also the only one who built an orphanage in this world.

Therefore, he only dared to develop it in a low-key manner and named it Little Stars Orphanage.

At the same time, a long disappeared mysterious man appears once again. Qin Yi thought that man wants to take his baby away, but he was wrong.

The mysterious man only wanted to observe the baby from afar and had no intention of making any approaches.

Sometimes he wondered, why would that guy leave his baby to someone else in the first place if he could not even give it up completely.

However, it was not Qin Yi's turn to worry about it, and it was not like his business or anything.

He got paid, and the mysterious man did not seem to have any evil intentions toward him. So, he just let nature take its course.

Before the mysterious man left once again, he left a letter for Qin Yi, and it was a recommendation letter.

——And thanks to that recommendation letter, he somehow managed to enter Sleeping Dragon Sect very smoothly.

Five years ago, when he knew that he crossed into a different world, he was very excited, confuse, and a bit afraid.

Qin Yi thought he had come to a world where people could move mountains and split seas as he read in various novels. However, after living for five years and not having the slightest supernatural incident around him, he began to doubt his fantasies about this world.

He doubted that perhaps he was just crossed to another ordinary world, a backward world, a world where the internet and cell phones did not even exist.

It was a merely dull world!

Then, why did 'God' even insert him into this world?

To fill the number?

An accident?

Or just for fun?

Whenever Qin Yi recalled this matter, he always wanted to cry but have no tears to shed.

However, after receiving the recommendation letter from the mysterious man, he finally regained his long-lost spirit and hoped for his new life in this world.

He was excited and nervous at the same time; what if… what if this is another prank like when "God" forcibly crossed him into this world? But he couldn't help but curious.

Therefore, to answer his curiosity, he decided to bolster himself and made up his mind to go there even though if what awaited him was only an empty hope. At most, he just needs to go back and live comfortably and take care of the children at the orphanage.

A year later, after Qin Yi finished arranging everything in the orphanage, he immediately set off and embark on the journey to the place the mysterious man had written down in the recommendation letter.

He was not completely worried regarding his younger brother and the children in the orphanage since his aunt promised him to take care of them in his place.

So long there is still his aunt, no one will dare to look for trouble at the orphanage. Because of that, he could feel relieved to leave them for a while.

He promised to send a letter to his younger brother every year and come home as soon as possible.


The Sacred Continent was divided into four major regions:

The eastern region was called Azure Dragon Region.

The northern region was called the White Tiger Region.

The southern region was called Black Tortoise Region.

The western region was called Vermillion Bird Region.

Each region seemed to have no end and was separated by Endless River.

Azure Dragon Region was known as the Land of Ten Thousand Sects. It was a land ruled by countless sects, and Sleeping Dragon Sect is standing erect as one of the great sects in Azure Dragon Domain.

Sleeping Dragon Sect had a profound background, and even though it has declined in recent years, it remained still in the top 50 of great sects list.

Qin Yi had successfully entered Sleeping Dragon Sect through the back door.

Typically, with his recommendation letter, he could enter the outer sect or even the inner sect easily. However, since his martial aptitude was only low-grade aptitude, he was assigned to the Novices' Quarter and became a novice disciple instead.

As Qin Yi walked to the door, he saw dozens of novice disciples in grey robes. He walked over and stood somewhere behind the group.


"Since you became a novice disciple of Sleeping Dragon Sect. From now on, you are isolated from the mortal world and will work peacefully as an unofficial disciple."

At this time, a man with a long face and sharp eyes spoke. He is the Deacon who charged in the Novices' Quarter.

"As a novice disciple, your job is to stay in this place for a maximum of five years. Your food is covered by the sect, and all you need to do is keep the Novices' Quarter clean, chop wood to warm yourselves, wash your own clothes, and the last one is to cultivate yourself. Basically, everything you do is for yourself."

"In the five years you have cultivated in the Novices' Quarter, if any of you manage to step into the first Stage of Qi Condensation, you will be immediately admitted to the outer sect. The sooner the better."

"However, if you are still unable to step into the first Stage of Qi Condensation within five years, the sect will have no other choice but to kick you out and will never again give you the opportunity to cultivate in this sect."

"Living as a novice disciple is going to be tough. However, do not be discouraged; every powerhouse needs to experience hardship. These minor hardships are nothing in the path of becoming a great cultivator."

The Deacon finished his encouragement and paused, then continued:

"Alright, that's all I can say. Spread out now and do your best to pull yourself together in this place!"

The novice disciples then left one after another.

Qin Yi also took a broom and walked towards the closest building.

All he needed to do was keep this place clean. Fortunately, he was not alone: otherwise, he would have died from exhaustion.

After all, Novices' Quarter is too huge for himself to clean.

Qin Yi turned his head towards the outer sect gate, which was not too far from his sight.

It was close but out of reach.

He was silent for a moment, then muttered: "I swear, I will enter there and become an official disciple of the Sleeping Dragon Sect!"

The flame ignited inside his heart as the spirit keep reminds him to work hard.

He snapped out and began his work.

Time passed as the sky began to close the curtains.

Soon, Qin Yi returned to his wooden house.

At the same time, the Deacon started to distributed cultivation handbooks for novice disciples. Though, it was only the basic cultivation technique in the sect. However, it is still better than nothing.

Qin Yi's house.

"You can practice cultivation in your time off. If you manage to reach the First Stage of Qi Condensation, then you will be promoted to the outer sect." The Deacon flicked his wide sleeve.

After that, a small booklet, upon the cover of three characters, wrote: "Qi Condensation Manual."

As soon as Qin Yi laid eyes on the characters, he began to breathe hard.

This small booklet is a legendary cultivation manual!

A small booklet that can turn an ordinary human into a legendary cultivator!

He was about to receive it, but he was interrupted by a sudden mechanical voice that resounded in his ears.

[Detected, the Host meets the activation requirements…]

[The system is now being activated…]

[Activation is successful, the Host can now start the extraction.]



Qin Yi's pupils slightly shrunk.

Legendary Golden Finger!

It has been six years since he crossed over this world, and his Golden Finger finally arrived!

Qin Yi's thoughts quickly moved. He tentatively asked: "Ugh... What does extraction mean?"

[Host can perform extraction on anything in the world. Whenever the Host performed the extraction, the Host will gain everything from the target.]

The mechanical voice sounded in Qin Yi's ear.

"I can perform the extraction on anything?"

Qin Yi muttered to himself. It was a bit unbelievable to hear.

"What?" The Deacon frowned.

"Ugh, nothing, Sir." Qin Yi scratching his nose embarrassedly and hurriedly makes an excuse, "I was too excited after receiving the cultivation manual for the first time."

The Deacon nodded as if he understood Qin Yi's current mood. He is just quite dissatisfied with Qin Yi's attitude for not properly listen to his explanation.

Forget it. This boy could only blame himself if his cultivation goes wrong!

The Deacon flicked his sleeve and left.

Upon watching the deacon figure disappeared, the original Qin Yi's respectful face broke into a smile.

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