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Writing Quality: 4 Stars The Author personally thinks that the writing quality is decent. However, the grammar is a bit meh... English is not the Author's first language. He had never mingled with the English-speaking community before, and he had very little time to take English lessons since language was not his major. The Author could do this well thanks to his experience reading many English translation novels. The way the Author wrote the ICEE is a bit troublesome. First, he wrote it with own language and then translated it with Google Translation. Finally, he edited it using Grammarly. So, please understand if the writing quality is not very good. Stability of Update: 2 Stars Writing novels is Author's hobby and side job. Meanwhile, he still has his job. Therefore, the stability of the update is not guaranteed and satisfactory. However, he still strives to write whenever free to satisfy his dear readers' curiosity. Story Development: 5 Stars The pace of the story is relatively slow. However, it was steady. The development of the main character's strength is also a little slow due to his cautious nature. However, it would progress rapidly once he discovered a cultivation technique to conceal his cultivation base. Besides, the main character also still has many things that he must upgrade using his Cultivation Points besides his cultivation base. Although increasing the cultivation base is essential, improving other aspects is no less important. Character Design: 5 Stars The main character made by the Author is humble, cautious, and steady. However, he is definitely not a soft persimmon. The Author doesn't intend to make the main character low-key. He just wants to make the main character no different from other relatively talented sect's disciples. Still, he is a protagonist, after all. No matter how ordinary he was, he still had some aspect that made him stand up among the people. Apart from the main character, there are also some interesting side characters and some cheap enemies. For more information, you can read it yourself... World Background: 5 Stars The Author said, "It was good... I think."

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This book is very much to my liking. The mc is tactful, patient, and less outstanding. The pace also just right, not too slow and not too fast. I hope the author can write this novel until the end.


No wonder it took the top quickly, This novel was superb! I will read it till the latest. Please release more chapters! It will become popular in the future if I will guess it. Could do few finishing touches on grammar but it was very impressive on my part. I am also not a native English speaker like you. Your reader here, love lots on your work ❤️ 😍 Congrats for an advanced winning!


(( almost 60+ chapter already and still at 2nd Qi condensation )) I'm out Most of he's problem are his Cultivation realm .. about alchemy / about enemy / About the limit he can extract / if he have higher realm u can event extract more rare item and more What a idiot ..


Very good so far. i like how the mc is thinking things through and isnt doing things without thinking about the consequences. :) keep up the great work.👍👍👍😀


I read to chapter 32 until I couldn't bear it anymore. The MC is a full on clueless retard who doesn't make full use of his system or the amazing advantage he has been given. Instead he is just content with "going with the flow" and being "low-key" as he calls it. Note, I don't have anything against the MC striving to being low-key - in fact, I generally prefer those types of protagonists over face-slapping hot blooded youths that can't take an insult and goes around wrecking havoc everywhere regardless of the consequences. My biggest gripe I have with this novel's MC, is that he's a genuine idiot. Period. (at least that's how I would describe him). He has an amazing system that can extract (or basically copy/duplicate) anything he comes within a certain distance of. But instead of getting close to populated areas in hopes to gain more cultivation points and items from other disciples, he prefers being "low-key", as he calls it, and isolate himself. Another example of him being a downright idiot, is that he can extract medicinal properties of pills and herbs and use them in their purest and uncontaminated way - but when a senior brother asks him to go out with him to visit an auction, he, at firsts, rejects because he was too tired from staying up all night, but then later he changes his mind. So, instead of using the energy that he had collected, he goes in and takes the original pill (BTW, he can extract energy from the same object every 24 hours, so that removes a resource from his daily "farm"), and with the pill, as it wasn't the pure energy, he also takes in the impurities. Another example, is that with the Extract System, he has basically copied the entire humongous first level of the sect library, and we also learn that time doesn't pass when he's in the system space - and he can stay in the system space for as for long as he likes while interacting with the items he has extracted. So why on God in Heaven doesn't he hole up and read and gather as much information as possible? I mean, he could generally become the subject matter expert on every single topic that the sect has in their library on the first level? And these are just 3 examples out of many, many others. E.g., him not willing to raise his cultivation but instead spends it on comprehending idiotic techniques at crazy 1000:1 ratio cultivation points to comprehension points, and so on. Or him choosing bow and arrow because he used it when he was mortal and had experiences with such a weapon (bear in mind who can't use longe range attacks with a close range weapon due to Qi and spells, which effectively invalidates his argument - and it leaves him vulnerable to close range attacks), but then uses expensive comprehension points, that could have been used to diversify his weapon options, i.e. learn a close range weapon, on a spell so he can make a lake in his spatial garden. *sigh* So much potential and it's just wasted on a braindead protagonist. Overall, the translation is okay. The world background is as generic as it comes for a xianxia novel. The updating stability is stable, and the concept for the story was good. The MC just ruins the entire novel in my opinion. In short, stay away if you're looking for an amazing read, however, give it a go if you're bored out of your mind and have nothing else on your reading list. This is basically just another cookie cutter xianxia novel, where the author has an interesting writing prompt idea, but then gave 0 effort in planning and execution.


I'm sorry but this is simply too slow for a system like that.Also he relies way more on materialistic (cultivation wise) things than his own power. It's like his priorities and the system. priorities. are towards items instead of permanent growth. The MC gave me a headache.


This book has a lot of potential, The MC isn't conceited, show-off, or generic progatonist. He's patient and carefree, which emphasizes the humor behind his naivety. Haven't encountered face slapping scenes or other cliche events yet. It's quiet fun and refreshing to read, the MC's nonsense are pretty humorous and also characters' confusion and helplessness toward MC.


Reveal spoiler


This novel is my cup of tea. I like harmless system and MC personality is just my ideal MC: smart, patient, less standout, childish somethimes but it's only an acting to deceived people. Over all 5 star from me


Author I have been looking for authors like you where have you been all this time. My name is Daoist370160 I truly like your novel. You have an awesome sense of humor. But I would truly appreciate if you improved your English, which I know will take time. I have made quite a few comments in a few chapters and every single one of them are edits on how the sentence could be better and sound better to read. I forgot which chapters I made the edits on but I there are quite a few edits that I commented next to each line which I wish you would edit. I am really happy with the novel and would like to wish you luck with the novel and your future writing career. I wish this novel would reach more than 2000 chapter and be among great novels like mortal journey to immortality, renegade immortal and the lord of mysteries. Good luck again


Excellent book so far. full of potential and most probably it will become way more popular with more chapters to follow. #~~~~~~~~\\~~~~~~~\\~~~~~~~~#


if you're expecting this novel to be good then you'll be disappointed, mc has a low IQ and trashy reasoning. Like I know he has extraction system, but that doesn't mean he don't need to cultivate, come on he spend two years on the first chapters like for nothing, he didn't even train his weapon skills much less cultivate, its just like he is living mortal life.


sir why don't you update chapter regularly. 😔 I like to read this novel but author didn't update chapter . so disappointed ☹️.😔😔😔😔😔☹️☹️


I read a lot of slow pace story, idiot MCs, and those who want to be so called "low-key" this is definitely up there, the MC is one of those genuine idiot who want to "follow the flow" and becoming "low-key" so he doesn't really want strength that much, hench 60 chapters and only in the second qi. The story is repetitive in term of flow, and it's extremely boring. Sure there's a comedy tag on it maybe that's why the characters is idiotic, but i fail to find the comedy in this.


love this book but updating stability is very low, like seriously man c'mon only 4-10 chapter in a month. ............................[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this novel is just a whole a vibe a different whole vibe.. people say it's slow because the MC is low-key but the MC is soooooooo OP


Hmm, reading this first chapter, I can see the potential of this novel. The author has a decent way of portraying the story and the worst thing to say about this novel should be the cover. Something more exciting or more eye-catching will retain more reader's to click and try this novel out.


novel is good so far.... just updating it is taking too long....i wish i could capture the author and make him right 100 chapters per day.😄


Really loved the original version of this story, this reworked version is totally different from the original story and his power is way more complicated then it was before and seems to be focusing on gardening now. I'll put this story on the back burner for now.