46 Concocting Qi Strengthening Pills

A month has passed.

In the short period of one month, several exciting events happened in the outer sect. However, there were only three events that the outer sect disciples remembered the most.

The first is the news of the Rejuvenate Pond.

A few days ago, Qin Yi heard the news that the miraculous effect in the Rejuvenate Pond had finally wholly disappeared.

Ever since the sect elder shut down the Rejuvenate Pond, Qin Yi had never visited that place again, so he didn't know its exact situation.

However, some disciples are still allowed to go there to get the Rejuvenate water.

It is said that as day-by-day, the water in the Rejuvenate Pond was taken and consumed, the miraculous effect gradually faded away until it finally disappeared.

Many people assumed that the changes that occurred in the Rejuvenate Pond was due to the existence of a rare treasure, but until now, no one had been able to prove it as they did not find such a treasure there.

Some people say that the elder had actually taken the treasure that changed the Rejuvenate Pond. So, when it disappeared, the miraculous effect of the water pond also disappeared.

Either way, since no one has been able to answer the truth behind the Rejuvenate Pond's transformation, this incident has become one of the sect's unsolved mysteries.

The second incident is Lu Yun's "thief" event, which happened a month ago.

Although this incident is not as extraordinary as the first one, it is still the subject of talk and jokes in the outer sects.

Some discples did not even hesitate to call Lu Yun by the nickname "Thief Lu"; this made Lu Yun lose face completely. But strangely, since that incident, Lu Yun no longer dared to do anything to annoy Qin Yi as he used to.

This made Qin Yi a little relieved and wary at the same time.

Even though he might be overthinking, he felt that that guy is secretly plotting something against him.

So, he decided not to let his guard down against that guy.

The last incident was coming from the Yang Three Brothers. It was the group of robbers that chased Qin Yi and Gao Peng a month ago.

After hunting and trailing them for more than a month, the Mission Hall finally got a result about them.

It was shocking information about the origins of the Three Yang Brothers, which turned out to be members of the Yang Clan.

The Yang Clan is one of the Five Great Clans in the Ancient Dragon City, and they are also subordinate clans of the Sleeping Dragon Sect.

As soon as this information was confirmed, the sect immediately sent someone to the Yang Clan and asked for their explanation.

However, the Patriarch of the Yang Clan claimed that the Three Yang Brothers are traitors who fled the clan after stealing a Treasure Map from the Yang Clan's Treasury House.

This matter is not a small thing. Once this news spread, the outer sect disciples went madly searching for the whereabouts of the Three Yang Brothers and hoped for the Treasure Map to fall into their hands.

As of now, the search for the Three Yang Brothers is still ongoing. But unfortunately, there is no sign of their existence after their actual status was publicly revealed.

Not only sect disciples but even loose cultivators were also looking for their whereabouts.

After all, nobody is willing to miss that Treasure Map.

However, to Qin Yi, those words were not as important as what he is currently focusing on.

Inside the Dragon Cave, Qin Yi was inserting his hand into a Cauldron. When he pulled it back, five beautiful marble-shaped pills appeared in his palm.

"Oh, five, not bad!"

Qin Yi nodded in delight.

"System, extract these pills!"

[Extraction completed!]

[Obtained 65 Spiritual Energy]

[Obtained 35 Impurity]

[Note: Rank 1 Qi Strengthening Pill contains abundant spiritual energy but still has many impurities. Does the Host want to keep these energies?]

"Well, they're better than the previous pills... keep it!"

This was not the first time he had successfully concoct a batch of pills.

Since Qin Yi managed to read all the books Elder Gu gave him, he immediately started to practice concocting a pill.

At first, he met many failures; however, after a month of hard work, he finally managed to create a batch of Rank 1 Qi Strengthening Pill.

He was surprised by this discovery.

Initially, he had estimated himself that he would be able to successfully concoct a pill in at least after a few months or even a year of practice. But surprisingly, he managed to do that in just one month.

Recalling how bitter Xue Chan's experience was in learning how to concoct a pill, Qin Yi couldn't help but wonder.

Could it be that his talent in Alchemist is much better than Xue Chan's?

After pondering about it for a while, he finally understood the advantages of having a high Spiritual Mind.

The higher your Spiritual Mind, the easier it will be to understand how to concoct pills, and it may also apply to the techniques of other secondary professions.

Qin Yi's Spiritual Mind is 20, while Xue Chan's Spiritual Mind is probably no more than 10, such a big difference. It is no wonder that Qin Yi's talent in concocting pills is far better than Xue Chan's.

Qin Yi is not only talented at concocting pills; after several attempts, he had also finally managed to maintain the purity of the pills by 65%.

It is 5% higher than the Qi Strengthening Pill he used to get from his fellow outer sect disciples.

It is an achievement that deserves to be flaunted.

Even so, he was still not satisfied with the result.

However, it would not be easy to create better quality pills, and even veteran Alchemists could only maintain pill purity by at most by 70%. How could a newbie Alchemist like Qin Yi be able to surpass their achievements easily?

At least, he would need some time to do that successfully.

Qin Yi pinched his chin as he muttered, "Let's try again!"

Ever since he had successfully created his first batch of pills, he had been addicted to concocting pills.

He found mixing various heaven and earth materials into a single pill so much fun, and he wanted to try it again and again.

Qin Yi took out the ingredients of the Qi Strengthening Pill from his system storage.

These ingredients are cheap and easy to get, especially Spirit Grass.

He had already planted many of them in the Mystical Garden. With the help of the abundant spiritual energy, the Spirit Grass grew fast and had already almost filled several acres of land.

The rest of the ingredients came from what he extracted from the Treasure Pavilion and some he had to buy from someone.

Ahem, to be precise, it is extracting and buying them from someone.

That person is actually Qiao Jin, Sister Qiao's younger brother.

Qin Yi asked Sister Qiao to introduce someone who likes selling pill ingredients, and then she introduced her younger brother to him.

With Qiao Jin's help, Qin Yi, who at that time was still not allowed to leave the sect, managed to overcome the shortage of ingredients for concocting pills.

There are three things that need to pay attention to when concocting a pill.

First is fire control; he must carefully control fire. If the fire is too big and the temperature is too hot, it can damage the ingredients' characteristics. And if the fire is too small and the temperature is too low, the concocting process will take too long, and it will weaken the ingredients' characteristics.

The second is the balance of ingredients; he must carefully consider the ratio of ingredients he puts into the Cauldron. Errors in maintaining the balance of the elements can cause the Cauldron to explode.

The last one is the purity of the pill. If the pill contains more impurities than purity, then the pill is declared a failure. For this, he needed to pay attention to the two things that were previously mentioned.

Good fire control and balance of ingredients can help produce good pill purity.

Qin Yi immediately put the ingredients for concocting the Qi Strengthening Pill into the Cauldron.

This Cauldron is called the Snake Swallowing Cauldron, one of the three Normal Artifact Cauldrons he extracted from the Treasure Pavilion.

The value of this Cauldron is 900 merit points, and its quality is much better than the other two Cauldrons.

Having a good Cauldron also has a good effect on pill quality. Its role is as significant as good fire control, as it can affect the characteristics of pill ingredients.

After that, a scarlet flame emerged from Qin Yi's hand and slowly devoured the Snake Swallowing Cauldron.

This scarlet flame came from a Human Grade martial art called the Scarlet Fire Controlling Technique, and he had already spent 100 mastery points to master this martial art to the Great Accomplishment.

Qin Yi started to concentrate on controlling the fire as he occasionally checked the balance of the ingredients he put in the Cauldron.

When the process was half done, he carefully infused specific amounts of the [Spiritual Energy] from the PowerBox.

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