I Can Enter The Game

Qin Lin was playing a nostalgic game called “Ranches Story” when he was electrocuted. He suddenly discovered that he had the ability to enter into the game. He could even bring a watermelon he had planted in the game back to reality. At first, his plan was to sell watermelon for 2 yuan a catty. In that case, he could earn 20,000 yuan by planting 10,000 catties worth of watermelon in the game every day and selling them in reality. Later on, he discovered that by leveling up his ranch, he could obtain high quality crops that surpassed that of the real world. If he reared livestock, they were of far higher quality than that of reality. After he built factories, he obtained various recipes that far surpassed that of the real world. Everything changed after that.

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The young man in the Ferrari was a little anxious, because the girl in the passenger seat was his brother's girlfriend. Fortunately, the glass of the car could not see inside.

He quickly started the car and drove away at top speed.

“???”Tourist 1.

“???”Tourist 2.

“???”Tourist 3.

What the hell? why didn't it change? He even ran away?


The news of another Bumblebee in Linlin's Scenic Area quickly spread on the internet and naturally became a hot search.

However, at this moment, someone raised an opinion.

"the pirates are the best proof that academician qin can create bumblebee, optimus prime, and megatron. they even have the ability to fight.

"but these transformers are all foreign. i'm not saying that academician qin worships foreign countries. after all, i also like transformers. i just think that if academician qin wants to make more transformers, can you make some national-style machinery?"