22 A Villa! Upgraded Again! 1

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What could one million yuan do?

For Qin Lin, he could completely pay off the debt at home and even pay the down payment for a house to bring Zhao Moqing home.

Of course, if it were someone else with ambition, they would definitely think of using these one million yuan to do something big. They might even have already constructed various plans in their minds to earn one million yuan next.

However, he was not ambitious. Before he had a goal, he still chose to be light-hearted and let Zhao Moqing know that he had not misjudged her.

After receiving the 650,000 yuan transfer, Qin Lin decisively transferred the 13,000 yuan to Lin Sheng.

He had earned so much in one go, so he did not want the middleman to wait too long. Both sides' happiness was the foundation of their next cooperation.

Perhaps that dwarf in the game, Arnie, would come looking for him to compete in fishing again and give him another fish? That would still require Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng also saw that it was Qin Lin's first time selling this ornamental fish. He smiled and reminded him when he received the money, "Mr. Qin, remember to report and pay taxes within a month. Although there's no specific tax on the ornamental fish business, it's currently included in the special tax on agricultural products."

"Previously, someone forgot to declare that he had sold an ornamental fish for 500,000 yuan because he had not experienced it before. Soon, he was reported. Not only was he fined double, but he also went to jail for a period of time."

"Thank you for your reminder, Boss Lin!" Qin Lin nodded in gratitude.

He naturally would not forget to pay taxes. He was actually more afraid of being investigated if he forgot to pay taxes. After all, he did not want his secrets to be known.

After bidding farewell to Lin Sheng, Qin Lin logged into the tax bureau's website as soon as he returned to the shop on the market and reported the tax on the transaction.

Although ornamental fish was included in the agricultural product entry, it was a special value-added transaction. The tax rate was 9% and the value-added tax was 3%. In other words, he had sold it for 650,000 yuan and had to pay 78,000 yuan in taxes.

After registering and paying taxes online, Millionaire -1 only had 953,000 yuan on his card.

In the evening, the strawberries and okra matured. Qin Lin picked them immediately and planted new seeds. Then, he sent the ripe strawberries to the RT-Mart and earned 42,390 yuan.

In addition, he took out 10 catties of Quality 2 okra for Manager Chen. One catty was 400 yuan. Manager Chen paid 4,000 yuan happily and even instructed him to deliver all the goods to him.

He had earned a total of 46,390 yuan today. After receiving it, his bank account had exceeded a million yuan.

Millionaire +1 again.

At night.

After dinner, Qin Lin went into the bathroom to take a shower. He even specially picked a shirt and blew his hair before going to pick Moqing up from work.

When he arrived at the tax bureau, the people working overtime inside walked out one by one. Chen Hao was among them. It seemed like there were many people working overtime today.

Chen Hao naturally saw Qin Lin again. This time, he walked toward his Audi expressionlessly. He did not want to see such a fellow pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

"Qin Lin!" Zhao Moqing came out with a document and Li Jiahui. When she saw Qin Lin, she jogged forward happily and sat in the backseat.

Li Jiahui could not help but feel envious when she saw this. How romantic!

Which woman did not want a husband who rode an electric car like this to pick her up from work?

Qin Lin turned on the small electric car and headed to the hotel. After getting his room card and going upstairs, he shook the room card in his hand. "I booked the best room in this hotel today. I heard the bathtub inside is super…"

"Do you want to die? We're in public." Zhao Moqing reached out angrily and hit Qin Lin's waist hard.

Qin Lin took out his room card proudly and opened the door.

"I'll take a shower first!" Zhao Moqing put down her bag and documents when she entered the room and ran to the bathroom.

Qin Lin was not an ignorant person. He followed obediently.

An hour later.

Qin Lin watched as Zhao Moqing organized the information she had brought with a towel by the side and asked, "Moqing, what information is so important? You still brought it back to do it after work?"

Zhao Moqing explained, "Wasn't there a problem with a township state-owned enterprise previously? The problem is still very serious. A few people went in, but some money couldn't be recovered, so we could only seal their assets and auction them in court."

"I worked overtime today for this. Uncle asked me to be in charge of checking these documents and then send them to the court to register for the auction tomorrow."

Qin Lin nodded. Zhao Moqing's uncle was a section chief in the bureau. He was clearly taking care of Zhao Moqing and giving her some credit.

He had also heard about the town enterprise. It had even spread on Youcheng County's WeChat Moments. After all, everyone was most concerned about corruption now.

He took the documents that Zhao Moqing had reviewed curiously. They were all cars, houses, stocks, and so on under those people's names. However, an auction item attracted his attention.

This was an auction for a farmhouse. Could this be the farmhouse that Moqing had said those corrupt people were eating and bragging about?

This farmhouse was called Fuhai Villa. It was not small and covered about 500 acres. It included a fish pond and the right to use the reservoir near the villa.

However, most of the villa were not used well. It was all wasteland…

Furthermore, in a small place like Youcheng County, which was a court auction, the starting price for the rental period and property rights transfer was not very expensive. It was only 600,000 yuan.

As for the final price, it depended on the competitor.

"Moqing, this Fuhai Villa is also being auctioned? There won't be any follow-up problems, right?" Qin Lin asked subconsciously. He was clearly thinking about it.

He majored in tourism management at university. When he saw the information, he felt that Fuhai Villa and Shepherd's Field game in his mind seemed to be able to combine. He could not keep growing watermelons, strawberries, and okra to sell, right?

Now that he had the system to guarantee his income, he was not a pedantic person who went to a dead end. With a ready-made goal, he could delay his debt repayment and purchase goal for a while. After all, many times, good opportunities did not wait for others.

If any creditor really had something to do before returning it, it did not matter if it was a few days earlier or later. A debt of gratitude was for a lifetime, and it was not something to be rushed for the next few days.

However, there were usually many follow-up troubles in court auctions. For example, there were people from the families of the parties involved who caused trouble and had potential debt risks.

Zhao Moqing explained, "There are potential problems with a car and a house, but someone who dares to auction such a car and house will definitely have a way to resolve it."

"As for this Fuhai Villa, there's no problem. I've gone there to take a look. The environment is still not bad. They only cared about providing them with food and water and did not manage it well."

Qin Lin was relieved to hear Zhao Moqing's words.

The next morning, Qin Lin checked out with Zhao Moqing. He still had to send her back to change before sending her to work.

After that, in less than a day, Qin Lin saw those auction items appear on the Youcheng County Justice Auction Network, including Fuhai Villa. Other than the starting price being 600,000 yuan, there was an additional auction item. The rental contract could be delayed to the longest period to be signed again. The rent would not increase during the delay. In addition, there was a priority lease.

The land in this villa belonged to the government. When the lease period came, it had to be rented again. At the same price, it had priority.

However, this was not attractive enough. After all, it was only a villa in a small place. It was not certain if it could be done well. If it was not done well, there was no point in losing everything.

What he had to consider now was whether there would be anyone competing. If he encountered someone he liked, it would definitely exceed the starting price of 600,000 yuan and might even exceed a million yuan.

He believed that he was not the only one with good taste.

No matter what, Qin Lin decisively filled in the information and signed up for the auction. The auction date was a week later.

A week passed in the blink of an eye.

Over the past week, planting strawberries and okra had brought Qin Lin more than 270,000 yuan, which also made his funds reach more than 1.28 million yuan.

When he woke up in the morning, Qin Lin had received a notice of a judicial auction early in the morning. The auction would officially start at 2 PM. He had to pay 10% of the starting price to qualify for the auction.

Qin Lin decisively paid 60,000 yuan before looking at the game screen to pick the ripe strawberries and okra and plant new seeds.

This time, as soon as the seed was planted, the game received a notification.

The game character had leveled up again. He could develop new land and upgrade a level 3 land.

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