6 One-click to Maximum Level of Scripture of the Thunder Monarch

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Lin Qi accepted without even thinking twice.

In an instant, many abstruse words and information appeared in Lin Qi's mind.

Scripture of the Thunder Monarch: The Divine Firmament Sect's founder, Master Ling Su, observed the cultivation technique created by the Thunder of the Nine Heavens. He was able to control the power of thunder and lightning, shake the universe, and drive away evil spirits.

Lin Qi was ecstatic.

As expected, the system did not disappoint him.

It had deciphered the contents of the Legendary Stone Tablet.

The Scripture of the Thunder Monarch was a cultivation technique personally created by Master Ling Su, the founder of the Divine Firmament Sect, known as an Earth Immortal. He had lived for 500 years. Once the cultivation was successful, he could control the thunder and lightning.

It could be said that this was no longer just a martial arts cultivation technique. It had already reached the level of immortal cultivation.

Although the martial arts of this world had once again bloomed and flourished, the overall strength was not as good as it was a thousand years ago.

Other than the martial arts legacy disappearing in history, the more important reason was that the changes in this world. It was very difficult for a very powerful expert to appear again.

The last Earth Immortal, the old Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, had also passed away a few hundred years ago.

From then on, there were no more Earth Immortals.

Lin Qi could not help but felt excited. Even his breathes were a little heavy.

Since Master Ling Su could become an Earth Immortal, he could naturally use the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch to step into the Realm of Earth Immortals.

He was not affected by this world at all because he could cultivate automatically and reach the maximum level with one click.

A small crystal-like figure condensed in Lin Qi's mind. Its appearance was somewhat similar to Lin Qi.

He sat in a lotus position with his hands stacked on top of each other. The tadpole-like scriptures surrounded him, emitting golden light.

The small figure was cultivating.

Lin Qi didn't even need to take the initiative to cultivate.

That was the strength of the system.

"Ding! Host, do you want to use 50 years of your lifespan to reach the maximum level of the 'Scripture of the Thunder Monarch' with one click?"

At the same time, the system sent a notification.


Although he was a little surprised that leveling up with one click would use up his life.

However, Lin Qi still chose to level up.

Once he successfully cultivated the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch, he would be able to become a god of the land and have at least a few hundred years of life.

A mere 80 years of life could be used up. Lin Qi was not pity of the years he had given away at all.


In just an instant.

Lin Qi's body underwent an earth-shattering change.

A powerful aura erupted from Lin Qi's body.

There was a loud bang.

It blew the surrounding tourists back a few meters.

Even the young Daoist Priest standing next to the stone monument was also blew away because of the aura.

The young Daoist Priest looked at Lin Qi in shock.

What was going on?

The young Daoist Priest was not an ordinary person. He was raised by the Daoist Master Qingxu of the Divine Firmament Temple and had cultivated the Divine Firmament Temple's martial arts since he was young.

His talent was outstanding. In just a few years, he had successfully built his foundation and stepped into the Realm of Foundation Establishment.

He was also an expert in that world.

He could see that Lin Qi was just an ordinary person just now. He had no cultivation base at all.

The young Daoist Priest could hit him with a casual strike.

But now, he seemed to have changed into a different person.

The man was able to push him a few meters behind just by relying on his aura.

Even Daoist Master Qingxu wouldn't be able to do that.

But that was simply impossible.

That person seemed to be in his thirties.

Daoist Master Qingxu was already in his seventies.

To be able to cultivate martial arts to such a level in his thirties?

He wouldn't believe it even he was to be beheaded!

Could it be that he had misjudged the person?

Was that person an old monster which could retain his appearance?

The young Daoist Priest had heard from Daoist Master Qingxu that some experts in this world usually remained hidden from the world. However, they could retain their appearance if their cultivation level was profound. They maintained their appearance very well and looked no different from young people?

Could it be that this person was the legendary hidden expert?

After the tourists recovered from their shock, they all looked jaw-droppingly at Lin Qi, who was sitting in a lotus position in front of the stone monument.

Especially among these tourists, some who had practiced martial arts looked as if they had seen a ghost. Their shocked look were on their faces.

Lin Qi closed his eyes and sat in a lotus position, the aura on his body getting stronger and stronger.

Under everyone's gaze.

His entire body floated up.

Although he didn't float high, he was still dozens of centimeters away from the ground.

Everyone's faces were filled with shock upon seeing that scene.

That was something only a warrior of the Saint Core Realm could do.

The Martial Arts Realms in this world were divided in order: Qi and Blood, Changing of Tendon, Bone Strengthening, Opening of Aperture, Qi Absorbing, Foundation Establishment, Precelestial, Saint Core, Spirit of Origin, and Earth Immortal.

Most of the warriors could break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, which was already very outstanding.

As for Precelestial warriors, it was one in ten thousand. Among ten thousand warriors, only one warrior could do it.

As for Saint Core Realm warriors, they were even rarer. There were billions of people in this world, but there were not more than twenty warriors of the Saint Core Realm.

As for warriors of the Spirit of Origin Realm and Earth Immortals, they were already myths and legends.

The Earth Immortals were nowhere to be seen in these hundred years, and even warriors of Spirit of Origin were hard to find.

The country that Lin Qi reincarnated into was called the Dragon Country. The Dragon Country had a vast territory, but there were only three warriors of the Saint Core Realm.

It already represented the top combat ability in this world.

A Saint Core Realm warrior could leap in the air and control Concrete Qi. Their bodies were not afraid of bullets, and their combat abilities were terrifying.

That was why these people were dumbstruck and shocked.

Who would not be shocked when a warrior of Saint Core Realm suddenly appeared in front of them?

There were even many people in the crowd who took out their mobile phones to record the scene.

After that, they uploaded it onto the Internet. It caused a frenzy of discussions for some time.

"A mysterious expert has appeared in the Divine Firmament Temple to comprehend the Legendary Stone Tablet."

"The fourth expert of the Dragon Country? Among the four great experts, who is stronger?"

"The Divine Firmament Temple's Legendary Stone Tablet has been deciphered by the mysterious man?"

Some people directly sent the pictures to their WeChat moments to show off.

"I've witnessed a Saint Core Realm expert with my own eyes!"

It attracted the crazy praise and envy of their friends.

"I'm so envious. A Saint Core Realm expert, hurry up and acknowledge him as your master."

"This Saint Core Realm expert looks a little unfamiliar. could he be the fourth expert of the Dragon Country?"

"Quickly get his favor."

The effect of a Saint Core Realm Warrior was a little like an ordinary person suddenly seeing a celebrity. They would be shocked, excited, and incredulous.

However, Lin Qi could not sense any of this.

He was feeling the changes in his body.

Lin Qi's physical quality was improving rapidly.

His spiritual energy was also increasing crazily.

He was just an ordinary person before, but he had become a Saint Core Realm warrior in an instant.

It could be said that Lin Qi's body had already surpassed the limits of the human body.

A Saint Core Realm warrior could not be described as a human.

To be precise, it was a new species.

At that moment, Lin Qi's punch could completely blow up a building. With a swing of his palm, it was enough to cut off the river flow for a short time.

His appearance also began to change.

His skin became whiter and more delicate.

It was like exquisite porcelain, shining with a layer of lustrous luster.

The wrinkles that were caused by aging had completely disappeared without a single flaw.

He was at least ten years younger than before and looked like an extremely handsome young man.

His originally short hair had turned into a waterfall-like long hair as the cells in his body grew. It fluttered in the wind, making him look like a fallen immortal from ancient times.

That was not the end.

A holy aura suddenly appeared beside Lin Qi.

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