I Can Cultivate And Level Up Infinitely Book

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I Can Cultivate And Level Up Infinitely

Cold Wind In The Mountains

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Cultivation was all about immortality. This was the ultimate goal of many cultivators. However, when Zhang Xuan crossed over to the cultivation world, he obtained a longevity body at the beginning, completing the ultimate goal of cultivation in advance. Not only that, but he also got a skill point every year. Skill points could be used to deduce techniques and increase cultivation, but one could only get one per year, so Zhang Xuan decided to wait until the end of time. Anyway, even if it was a crappy technique, he could still add points infinitely until he deduced it into a divine technique. From then on, an extremely laid-back and calm guy appeared in the cultivation world! There was a saying that went it was never too late to take revenge. "In my case, I just sit and wait for you to die and turn into earth, and then I'll swing by your grave and bounce on it!"


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