Mainland, Sky City, Ye family's residence.

"Where am I? I'm not dead?"

Luo Chen put on his slippers and got off the bed. He looked around and thought about the things that had happened.

Other than souls, he had the power to duplicate anything.

Luo Chen copied his teacher's knowledge. After making it his own, he was able to enroll in Tsinghua University. He also duplicated a Mercedes-Benz, appearing as a rich man.

His life was simple until his power was discovered by the country.

The government ordered him to duplicate fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and nuclear submarines from foreign countries for their own benefit. As a result, his country's military power developed rapidly. In just a few years, it became the leading country in the world.

Inevitably, Luo Chen's power was also discovered by the enemies. One day, he was surrounded and beaten by sixty superpowered people. Luo Chen was no match for them, so he duplicated a nuclear bomb and blew all of them up.

The past was still vivid in his mind. Luo Chen had mixed feelings. Suddenly, he realized something.

"I've been reborn?"

Luo Chen was in disbelief.

This was the domain of summoners. The goal was to become a summoner but not everyone could do it. Only those with extraordinary spiritual power would succeed, and such a person was only one in ten thousand.

Summoners were rare and irreplaceable. They would be sought after by various factions. Additionally, they had high statuses. 

One of the very first summoners was a genius. He was very talented and there was no one like him in Sky City.

Regardless, he had long died. 

Summoners had to sign the 'Summoning Scripture' when they turned fifteen. The summoning scripture was an item used to summon beasts. Every summoner had one.

The original owner of the summoning scripture in Luo Chen's hand was a very eager person. The day before he turned fifteen, he signed the summoning scripture early. In the end, he lost his life, and Luo Chen was able to pick up his scraps.

"Pfft, impatient people are the most pathetic. Can he blame anyone else?"

Luo Chen shook his head. 

A book on the table then caught his attention. It was made of bronze and had mysterious patterns.

He quickly picked it up.

"This is the summoning scripture, right?"

Luo Chen was really curious. 

Suddenly, a dazzling purple light burst out from the summoning scripture. The whole room instantly turned purple. Luo Chen covered his eyes with his hand.

Almost instantly, loads of knowledge from the summoning scripture gushed into Luo Chen's mind. Luo Chen did not even have the time to react.

The methods of the summoning and the continent's situation were explained to him. Thanks to this information, Luo Chen had a better understanding of this world.

As the purple light dissipated, Luo Chen opened his eyes and looked at the summoning scripture again. It felt like the book had merged with his body.

Luo Chen excitedly flipped the pages. 

On the first page, it was written:

Host: Luo Chen

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Emperor

Level: 0

Attributes: All attributes

Summoned Beast: None

Summoning Skill: None

Equipment: None

'An emperor's aptitude?'

Luo Chen thought for a moment before having an epiphany. 

His body and the book had fused together, thus, greatly increasing his spiritual power. This was why he had an emperor's aptitude.

A summoner's aptitude could be divided into five levels.

Low, medium, high, king, and emperor.

Basically, Luo Chen could be considered as one of the most powerful summoners. 

He took a deep breath to calm the excitement in his heart.

"Oh! I wonder if my duplication ability is still useful?"

Luo Chen immediately used his duplication ability.

His left hand that was holding the summoning scripture flashed a red light. 

Then, an identical summoning scripture instantly appeared on his right hand. 

All the information within the book was copied as well.

Luo Chen held the two books and duplicated them a second time.

However, this time, he was unable to duplicate it.

At first, Luo Chen felt a little depressed but shortly after, he felt relieved. It was a good thing that such a powerful ability had limitations. If he could easily duplicate thousands of divine weapons, the world would be in chaos.

"Ye Feng1, did you merge with the summoning scripture?"

There was a knock on the door and it swung open. 

A middle-aged man appeared in front of Luo Chen. This man was the head of the Ye family. He was Luo Chen's father, Ye Gan.

Ye Gan looked at the summoning scripture in Luo Chen's hands. He had an excited expression on his face. 

However, when he noticed that Luo Chen was holding two books, he became concerned instead.

A person could only merge with one summoning scripture. The lowest level summoner could only absorb up to six pages of the book, not counting the homepage. 

In total, a summoner could summon five beasts.

'Since he's holding two books, does this mean he could summon ten beasts?'

'That's terrifying!'

"D... Dad!"

Luo Chen found it difficult to address his father.

"My son is a genius. This is great."

Ye Gan laughed out loud.

Then, he took out a red egg and placed it on the chair.

"Luo Chen! This is a gift from your sister. Hurry up and form a bond with it!"

"My sister gave me this?"

There was a blurry figure in Luo Chen's mind.

Ye Mei Er, the peerless genius of Sky City. She had gone to the capital to study at an early age. Once a year, she would return to visit her family.

Luo Chen did not expect to receive such a luxurious gift from her. He knew the price of these pet eggs very well. Furthermore, this was not an ordinary egg.

As he looked at the egg, Luo Chen's heartbeat began to increase.

"Dad! I want to return this gift!"

"No way."

Ye Gan laughed.

"Sky City is a small city and the resources are scarce. Your sister only managed to get this because she had reached level 36."


Luo Chen rolled his eyes at Ye Gan. 

Ye Gan valued his son over his daughter. 

In fact, Luo Chen had never seen him give anything to Ye Mei Er. It was only when she turned fifteen that he gave her a summoning scripture and contract. Back then, Ye Mei Er was ecstatic.

Of course, Ye Mei Er was also very capable. Even if she did not receive any resources to aid her cultivation, she would work her own way up. 

To boot, there was a leaderboard that lists the most outstanding people in this country.

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