I Can Copy Everything Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

I Can Copy Everything

Fifty Fifty Master

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“Owner, is this the legendary weapon? Can I touch it?” Luo Chen asked. The owner nodded, and Luo Chen touched the weapon while secretly making a copy of it. “Master! I’ll give you a massage!” Luo Chen offered to the Master Alchemist. The alchemist nodded with a warm smile. As Luo Chen massaged, he copied the alchemist’s skill that took 100 years to master. “What?” Luo Chen exclaimed. “They are going to auction the legendary beast? Hold my beer! I’ll go copy the entire national treasury right away!” “Why can you use my ultimate skill? It’s impossible!” a genius scolded. “Because I can copy your ultimate skill and make it even stronger than yours!” Luo Chen scoffed. “There’s no way you can defeat me.” This was a world of tamers, and everyone was proud to become one. However, when Luo Chen arrived with his copy power, the world was thrown into chaos.


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