97 The Union - R18* (1)



An unusual sensation filled Edith's mind the moment Miguel's soft lips touched hers. Different from earlier, the feeling this time was full of pleasure… heavenly pleasure. 

The pain she had been feeling all over body was slowly washed away. The sensation on her lips was something she had never experienced before. 

Her heart pounded as Miguel began to move his lips, softly kissing her as his hand began to roam around her neck. 

Edith visibly shivered and instinctively shrunk her neck upon feeling Miguel's hand on it. 

Her closed eyes were shut tight as her heart pounded crazily in anticipation. 

Miguel on the other hand just kissed her deeply in a calm manner. Not too rushed, and not too slow either. 

His hand began to slide down towards her back, slowly covering her slender back as he occupied her lips. 


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