21 Ranks

Miguel stood up from the bed and looked at his changes in the mirror.

Unlike yesterday, the changes in his body were not that exaggerated. He noticed that the volume of his muscles had increased; he looked a little buff as his physique was slowly getting toned like a sculpture.

With his current body, Miguel was now even more confident of defeating Carlota's wolf with his bare body alone.

He marveled at how magical the Origin Energy was.

Its effects were at least one hundred times stronger than Spiritual Energy or Qi, that cultivators use to cultivate.

Miguel summoned his grimoire and looked at his current status profile.

The grimoire can gauge a person's strength and quantify it for easy scaling.

The jet-black grimoire, which was now adorned with bronze lines, floated in front of him. He flipped to the front page and saw his information on it.

[Name: Miguel

Age: 18 Years Old

Level: (Undefined) (Novice Martial Artist (Advance))

Summoner Rank: Apprentice (Beginner)

Innate Skill: Boundless Sage of Knowledge


Techniques: (Unnamed Scripture (Unknown Grade)) ]

The previous blank space after the 'level' was now filled with something.

The second phrase was another power system in this world, according to Marcel.

Those who were not fortunate enough to awaken a grimoire would be able to train in internal martial arts and progress their strength through repetitive and disciplined training. Their realms were named from weakest to strongest, being Novice, Warrior, Adept, and then Master Martial Artist.

Each realm was further divided into three sub-levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and then Advance.

According to Marcel, their strength can be directly compared to that of Normal Grade Beasts, where a Beginner Novice Martial Artist was equivalent to a Level 1 Normal Grade Beast, Intermediate was equivalent to Level 2, and then Advance was equivalent to a Level 3 Normal Grade Beast.

Miguel thought for a moment and guessed that the 'undefined' part must be referring to his current realm according to his current cultivation technique, which he has not yet named.

The Summoner Rank, on the other hand, was just what its name implies. It's the rank of grimoire summoners, and each rank determines their strength in summoning.

The rank of a summoner also determines how many Beast they can summon per day and how long each summon could last before they will be forcefully summoned back to the grimoire.

Even Miguel was not an exemption to this rule. As he was only a Beginner Apprentice Summoner, he could only summon one kind of beast per day, and it would reset every midnight. If he summoned the Volcanic Tortoise, it means that he could only summon the Volcanic Tortoise for the entire day.

According to Marcel, only when one reaches the next rank of the Summoner Rank would this rule change.

Like the Martial Artist Rank, the Summoner's Rank was also further divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and then Advance.

The rank after Apprentice Summoner was Elite Summoner, Master Summoner, and then Grandmaster Summoner. Marcel said that those at the Grandmaster Rank were the real powerhouse, and most of them were in control of large organizations or even an empire.

Marcel was at the Advance Elite Rank while the others in the village were just at the Apprentice Rank with some of them being at the Advance Apprentice Rank like Carlota.

A Beginner Apprentice with a Bronze Grade grimoire could only summon their beast for a total of ten minutes. However, the time will increase after they advance to the Intermediate and Advance Apprentice Rank. 

The increase in time depends on the reward given by the will of the world through the grimoire. 

Miguel doesn't have any skills for now, but his Innate Skill allowed him to create any skill and any technique that he wanted, so it was only a matter of time before this blank space would be filled.

Needless to say, the Unnamed Scripture should be the technique he created from his previous life, which he still hasn't named yet.

Miguel also did not want to rush naming this either. A technique's name was as important as its content. If the name was not ideal and was not different from the technique's intention, it might backfire, and the technique would become useless.

Of course, naming it the right way would also result in a positive transformation.

Miguel closed the grimoire and unsummoned it back to his inner world.

He cleaned the filth on his bed properly and estimated that there was still a lot of time before Sara would return.

Cultivating was a magical thing, even more so because he was cultivating the Origin Energy. Miguel noticed that when he was cultivating, he would not feel any hunger even with this mortal body, unlike in his previous life.

After cleaning, Miguel sat back at the top of his bed as he contemplated what name he should give to this powerful technique.

His mind began to wander as memories of his past life flashed through his mind. 

His experience, the joyous moments, betrayals, parting, and many other memories were played inside his mind.

He entered a trance, this time not because he wanted to cultivate but rather because he wanted to search for a suitable name for the technique he painstakingly created. This was how important the name of a technique was.

His emotion surged as every memory assimilated properly into his brain; even the fool's memory was included in it. Tears dropped at the corners of his eyes when he reached the memory of him being betrayed by his beloved disciple. However, it soon turned into rage as his eyes snapped open with a glint.

He found it.

A very suitable name for his cultivation technique.

This technique involved his conviction to breakthrough to the ceiling of his universe.

His conviction to return to his previous strength and enact his vengeance.

A name that not only properly described the intention of the technique but also properly described his utmost desire.

"From now on, I shall name you,"

"Return of Origin!"


The world trembled once more.

This time, not only the strong experts but even the weakest humans and beasts could feel the tremor and changes in the world.

At the same time, his grimoire was automatically summoned from his inner world.

As if celebrating, it spun widely in front of him as it flipped through the first page excitedly, as if a kid was trying to show something to its parent.

Miguel looked at the contents on the first page and smiled at the noticeable changes.

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