2 Origin Energy

Miguel turned around calmly and saw a woman looking at him with wide eyes.

She had black, messy hair. She has mature beauty and a curvaceous body. She was wearing ragged clothes, and she was full of sweat as tears slowly formed at the corners of her eyes.

She ran towards Miguel and held his hands right away upon arriving.

"Miggy, are you alright now?" Her sweet and worried voice resounded in Miguel's ears.

She observed Miguel from head to toe and even put her palm over his forehead and neck as if searching to see if there was anything wrong with him.

"I rushed to the main house for this medicine, but it looks like we don't need it anymore," she stated with a deep sigh. Her voice carried with it a hint of relief.

"Miggy, come back to bed first and recuperate properly. You just recovered from the fever. Wait for me here; I'll serve some hot soup for you."

Her words continued to flow out of her mouth. There was no time for Miguel to reply, or rather, she didn't wait for his reply as she had never heard him converse with anyone else before.

She led Miguel to the bed as she went out of the room to fetch the soup that she was talking about.

Meanwhile, Miguel sat on the bed with a wondering expression.

"Sara," he muttered under his breath as he observed her departing figure.

She was the woman who has taken care of the fool Miguel since he was an infant. The woman who did not abandon him even after knowing his condition.

"A good child and a good mother." Miguel nodded his head in approval of Sara's character.

The only two good things that the fool Miguel has. His handsome face and his mother, Sara.

Now, he lost them both, and perhaps even after his death, he was still oblivious to what was happening around him. Miguel knew of this, as he has the memory of the fool Miguel.

There was no thought process in the memory at all, and it seemed as if he was observing a recorded show rather than a memory inheritance or fusion. It did not affect him even the slightest; just a hint of sympathy arose within him.

Miguel shook his head at how pitiful this child was.

Anyway, since this was now his body, he decided to make full use of it.

With his countless years of experience from his previous life, acting as a fool was not that hard. However, Miguel doesn't plan to do that. He needs to increase his strength as soon as possible, and acting like a fool would not do it.

Fortunately, the secret and knowledge he recently uncovered were things that would be of great help to his current self. In fact, with the knowledge inside his head, no matter the world he was transmigrated to, he was confident in reaching the peak once more. This was even more so with the knowledge he recently uncovered before his death.

According to the memory of Miguel, this world has a different form of power system compared to the cultivation world that he was in.

The people of this world don't cultivate Qi, or Cultivation Energy, but instead, they rear and tame beasts and use them to fight.

He doesn't know the specifics yet, but he knows that in this world, the people could summon a mysterious book they called a grimoire and store the beasts they tamed in there.

Although Miguel was curious about this power system, he was actually not eager to obtain or practice it. The best way was still to strengthen himself and not rely on others' strength.

Just like the Magus and the Mage Worlds, the Immortal Cultivation World that he was previously part of was a high-level world that had a complete and higher system of powers. Miguel had naturally visited those worlds and many others in his previous life. This was also one of the reasons why he accepted his situation calmly and was not confused by the different power systems that this world has.

Each has their own merits and demerits, but if he had a choice, Miguel would naturally choose to become a cultivator once more. Not only was he familiar with it, he also knew that cultivators were well-rounded creatures that strengthened both the soul and the body at the same time.

Miguel sat on the bed as he pondered his next course of action.

At this moment, he was still very weak. The person who poisoned him might return and try to kill him once more once they learn that their previous attempt resulted in a failure.

The cultivation technique that he completed right before the betrayal and his death surfaced in his mind as he planned to begin cultivating right away.

The cultivation technique has not been named yet. Its functions only consist of the first part, as Miguel decided to stop once he realized that this cultivation technique would not be of use for his level at that time.

It was because, in order to cultivate this technique, one must not possess any kind of energy introduced by the world inside their body yet. This means that one must not have cultivated or practiced any kind of power system yet. This was because this cultivation technique actually uses another form of energy more potent than the Spiritual Energy of the cultivators or the Mana Energy of the mages. 

'My disciple, you betrayed me for an incomplete cultivation technique that you could not and would not be able to use. You'll only be able to use this technique if you haven't cultivated yet. Will you shatter your cultivation for it? I know you won't.'

'I wonder what kind of face you were making the moment you realized that it's actually worthless. Haha, did you cry in your harem's lap again this time? ' Miguel mused inwardly as he thought of his foolish disciple.

The energy that he was talking about was what he called the Origin Energy. 

This energy was what he discovered after countless trials and errors. Upon the discovery of this energy, he theorized that this might be the catalyst for him to break through to the next realm of cultivation.

He and his disciple were stuck in the same realm for thousands of years. The reason for his betrayal was probably his eagerness to reach the next realm first.

Unfortunately, this eagerness was also what caused him to lose his master and the opportunity to reach the next level. After all, he only reached his current realm with Miguel's full help.

Anyway, Miguel believed and confirmed that this Origin Energy was actually present everywhere and anywhere in the universe. He believed it was the origin of all energies, including the Spiritual Energy and the Mana Energy. 

He believed that Spiritual Energy and the other forms of energy used in different power systems were just broken forms of the Origin Energy. 

Origin Energy was the purest form of energy. Untainted and pure, it was even more holy than the Holy Energy of the Angel Race.

As his thoughts wandered, Miguel began to circulate and tried to sense the energy around him.

In fact, his goal in trying to cultivate was actually to confirm something.

If the theory and knowledge from his previous life were effective and he was able to sense the energy of this world using the cultivation technique he created, this means that he was still in the same universe as his previous life.

If not, then he must have been transmigrated into another universe with a different set of rules and laws that were not compatible with what he learned from his previous life. If that were the case, it would be unfortunate, as his advantage would be drastically reduced.

Miguel's brows contorted into a frown. He concentrated and meditated, trying to sense the energy present in this world.

Seconds turned into minutes, with the energy nowhere to be found.

'Could it be that I am truly in a different universe or plane?' He frowned and was about to continue his meditation when he heard a commotion outside of his room.

The sound of things being thrown and getting smashed to the ground resounded as a woman's cry was heard over the door.

Miguel opened his eyes and walked towards the door with a frown, planning to check what was going on outside.

The moment he opened the door, a sight that made his blood boil in anger entered his vision.


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