I Can Contract Beauties

Miguel transmigrated into the Wild Beast World in the body of a useless teen with the same name as himself after he was betrayed by his disciple, the Harem Emperor, for a knowledge and universal secret that he recently uncovered. In the Wild Beast World, humans could contract Wild Beasts through their Summoning Grimoire, a mysterious book that fated individuals can awaken at the age of 18. In this world of summons and beasts, Miguel awakened with the Beauty Sign-In System, which allowed him to contract legendary beauties as long as he signed in at a specific location. On his first sign-in, he received the Holy Daughter of the Red Family, the Fiery Empress of Legend. Using the Wild Beast World and the Sign-in System as a starting point, Miguel swore to return to the Immortal Cultivation World and settle scores with the Harem Emperor once and for all. Follow Miguel's journey as he reaches for the apex, becoming a legendary figure in all worlds.

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239 Chs


The Volcanic Tortoise has waited enough. 

The Condensed Water Ore's he previously bought for it was also confiscated by the bandits along with his garments. 

Due to the daily summon limit, he also had not summoned it ever since the encounter with the demonized hyenas. 

Now that he acquired this water-attributed Beast Core from the Luminous Giant Toad, Miguel knew that it was the time for the Volcanic Tortoise to evolve to a Silver Grade Beast. 

Miguel smirked as he kept the Beast Core of the toad. 

He then burnt its body into crisp, as he proceeded to move forward. 

Miguel had an inkling that he would be able to discover the mystery behind the demonized beasts he encountered soon.