3 Awakening


Miguel's frantic shout echoed in the room. However, it was already too late.


A resounding slap echoed right after his shout.

Sara fell weakly to the ground. A red handprint was present on her face. A look of resentment flashed across her face as tears slowly fell from her eyes while she stared at the man in front of her.

The man has a well-built body. His finger was pointing right in front of Sara's face as he yelled, "Bitch, I told you to prepare dinner for me quickly. What do you mean you will make a soup first? Is soup a proper food for dinner?"

As he said that, his gaze soon hovered over to Miguel. 

A hint of surprise surfaced on his face as he looked at Sara once again.

A boisterous laugh escaped his mouth as he bellowed at the top of his lungs, "Right! Right! Haha, I get it now! So, you planned to make soup for your foolish bastard son first?" 

"Is that it? Instead of taking care of your husband first, you planned to take care of your bastard son? Hmmp! What a whore!"

He harrumphed and was about to slap her once again when he suddenly felt shivers down his spine.

His movements stopped in midair as he looked around him in confusion. The sudden shiver was something he had not experienced before. He was unable to understand it and was unable to tell what caused such a thing to happen.

He looked over and saw Miguel staring at him with fierce eyes. He got startled, as this was the first time that the fool Miguel had looked at him that way.

Confusion filled his eyes upon seeing him.

Rage boiled up inside him, and he was already prepared to give the fool a beating like he would always do; however, as if recalling something, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Miguel and then at Sara alternatively before he left with a cold harrumph, smashing the door in the process.

Miguel stared at the departing figure with clear hostility in his eyes. If not for the fact that he was still very weak right now, he would have killed the guy right there and then without hesitation.

However, Miguel acted with reason and held himself back. There was a time and opportunity for everything. He must stay patient for now.

That man earlier was the husband of Sara, Jonas. According to the memory he got, the two of them have been together for almost 20 years.

However, from the memory, Miguel never saw a moment where the two of them would get along.

Every time Jonas came home, he would always yell at Sara and blame her for being a whore. This was because, up until now, Jonas still believed that Miguel was Sara's real son from another man.

Sara had already explained it countless times, but Jonas turned a deaf ear to her explanations and continued to blame her for sins she didn't commit. Every time he did so, Jonas would always beat her up, and if not her, then Jonas would transfer his rage towards the fool Miguel.

'Foolish! 'Miguel commented as he made his way to the crying Sara.

A loving and good mother, but was blamed wrongly as a wife. This woman also had her own story to tell.

She had completely given up explaining everything to Jonas a long time ago.

Miguel didn't know why she was still holding on. He didn't know how long she would hold on. In fact, Miguel wanted her to let go already. Their relationship, which had already gone south long ago, has only provided a toxic situation for Sara. He knew that she didn't deserve such treatment. Even more so for the man who hasn't given her comfort since the start of their relationship.

As he neared Sara, he noticed that the latter had already started to wipe the tears from her eyes. As if afraid that Miguel would see her current appearance, she smiled forcefully and said, "Miggy, good timing. The soup is almost ready; come sit at the table and I'll serve you some."

Not waiting for Miguel to reply, she walked towards the kitchen to prepare the soup she had made.

"Are you alright?"

Miguel's voice rang in her ears.

She stopped on her tracks, turned around, and looked at Miguel with her mouth wide open in awe.

"Miggy... you can talk properly now?" Her voice started to crack as she walked to Miguel's side in a hurry.

This was the first time she heard him speak a complete sentence with the past having only been one or two words and then a foolish laugh.

This was also the first time that she heard him trying to talk to another person. Most of the time, when he spoke one or two words, they were always directed to nobody, and he would speak randomly most of the time.

Sara did not even bother answering his question. She cared much more about Miguel's ability to speak fluently than her current suffering.

Tears started to form at the corner of her eyes once more. This time, it was no longer tears of pain but tears of joy.

Miguel nodded his head, answering her question.

Seeing that he even responded, Sara burst out into tears even more. No words could explain how happy she was at this moment. The previous resentment she felt towards her husband was wiped off like dirt.

"Ohh Miggy…" 

She hugged him tightly as tears continued to burst out of her eyes.

The joy in her heart could not be hidden; even the old and wizened Miguel could not help but hug her back, reciprocating her overflowing emotions.

He was swept away by the emotion of this mother, who was thousands of years younger than him.

Even so, Miguel did not hold back as he reciprocated her hug.

Her worries and resentment were wiped away as the son she had raised since childhood finally hugged her back.

Sometimes, all one needs was a hug to wipe away the pain and sorrows that one was feeling. 

Old and young, no matter the gender, emotions were ever-present for everyone.

As the two were hugging each other tightly, an excruciating pain suddenly assaulted Miguel's mind.


A grunt was released as he immediately held his aching head.

"Miggy, are you alright?" Sara's worried voice entered his ears. 

However, all of Miguel's attention was already placed on the sudden pain in his head, and he has no time to answer her worries. 

The pain intensified, and right when it reacheditse peak, the pain disappeared as if it did not exist in the first place. 

Miguel's confusion did not last long as a burst of light flashed in front of him and Sara. 

The next moment, a mysterious black book floated in front of him and Sara elegantly. 

Seeing the book, Sara's mouth opened widely as a hint of surprise and awe flashed across her face. 

"This… this…" 

"Miggy, you awakened!"

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