6 Five Red Packets

The next day, Arlan woke up blissfully. He had a good sleep and his back didn't hurt. In the apartment that he rented recently, his back would always feel sore and stiff.

Arlan got up and eagerly checked his phone.

[Do you want to claim your reward for today?"


He laughed happily when he saw this prompt on his phone screen. It was still there! The mysterious app was still on his phone!

Arlan clicked [Yes].

[Congratulations! You claimed five red packets!]

[Do you want to open your red packets?]


"Red packet? What's this?" Arlan wasn't proficient in English so he didn't know what it was.

He clicked [Yes] with a look of confusion on his face.

[Congratulations! You claimed 1,000,000 pesos!]

[Congratulations! You claimed 250,000 pesos!]

[Congratulations! You claimed Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Blue]

[Congratulations! You claimed Top-tier Basketball Talent]

[Congratulations! You claimed Top-tier Piano Talent]

Looking at the rows of texts, Arlan laughed heartily. He opened his banking app and checked his account balance.


This was about 26,000 dollars! He wouldn't be able to earn this much money even if he worked hard for five years in the construction company!

He was now a millionaire!

"I've become a millionaire just like that..." He had a silly smile as he muttered this.

He then noticed that there was a brand new watch on his wrist. "This must be one of the things I've claimed. What's its name again? Vacheron Constantin?" He searched for the watch on the internet and found out that it was actually worth 6 million pesos or 120,000 dollars!

"What the hell! This thing is actually more expensive than my car!" Arlan exclaimed in shock after learning the price of his watch.

He then noticed that he also claimed two talents from the red packets. One was the top-tier basketball talent and the other was the top-tier piano talent. As he thought about this, a surge of information flashed in his mind like a torrent!

He almost fell to the ground because of the huge information that was added to his mind. All sorts of basketball moves, techniques, forms, and skills were replaying in his head over and over again. He was even confident that he could defeat the best pro player in the country!

Other than the basketball talent, Arlan also learned a lot of techniques, and skills related to piano. He felt as if he was a world-class pianist and playing the most difficult piece seemed easy for him!

"I gained a lot this time. Who would have thought that I can also claim five things at once? So that's how a red packet works!" Arlan muttered to himself. He then took a shower and put on a set of casual clothes. After combing his hair, he went out of his room and went to the hotel's restaurant to grab some breakfast.

He was feeling hungrier than usual so he ordered a hefty meal.

After eating, he decided to go to the mall to purchase some clothes.

He entered a luxury brand store and he was almost denied entry by the sales clerks because of his cheap clothes, but the sharp-eyed manager immediately noticed his Vacheron Constantin watch.

"Manager, why did you let him enter? That guy is obviously wearing cheap clothes. He might be a little bit good-looking, but he is poor." A male sales clerk muttered in disdain.

The manager snorted at his words. "You fool! You almost made us lose a valuable customer! Look at the watch on his wrist. Take a look at it clearly and tell me what that is!"

The male sales clerk and the other sales clerk stared at Arlan's watch. One of them suddenly exclaimed in surprise. "That's a Vacheron Constantin watch!"

"That's right! The one he has is a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Blue which is worth 120,000 dollars! That's 6 million pesos! Do you understand now?"

The male sales clerk was shocked when he heard this and he hurriedly nodded his head. Luckily, the manager was there or he would have unknowingly provoked a rich person. Someone who could afford to buy such an expensive watch was definitely an elite in the society and offending this kind of person would mark the end of his career! Thinking about this, he sweated bullets and he swore that he would never judge someone solely on their appearance.

With the help of the eager sales clerks, Arlan purchased a few sets of clothes worth 10,000 dollars. Now, he only has 16,000 dollars in his bank account. The purchase made his heart ache, but he didn't show it on his face.

"Thank you for coming to our store, sir!" The sales clerks and the manager sent him off with warm smiles.

It would be a lie if he said that he wasn't flattered by their politeness. He never experienced this kind of treatment before and it felt extremely good!

He went into a changing room and changed into the clothes he purchased from the luxury store.

When he stared at his reflection in the mirror, he felt that he had become more handsome. The quote 'clothes make the man' was indeed true.

He didn't stay in the mall and quickly returned to the hotel. Because of his handsome looks and fashionable clothes, the women who saw him had stars in their eyes.

Arlan saw the receptionist and he recalled the free food yesterday. He walked up to her and smiled. "Thank you so much for the free food yesterday."

"It's nothing, Mr. Roa."

"By the way, what's your name?" Arlan asked.

"I'm Sofia. I apologize for the late introduction." Sofia smiled sweetly at him.

Arlan chatted with Sofia for over an hour and they only stopped when there was a new customer who entered the hotel.

"I already followed your Instagram. Let's chat again if you are free." Arlan was in a good mood today. He bought a few sets of expensive clothes and he even befriended a beautiful lady.

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