Chapter 389: Half-immortal Pang Cheng, Tip of the Heavenly Demon Halberd_2

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When Han Yi raced back to the Yu Heng World, intent on seeking revenge, he discovered that an Immortal presided over it. Despite the vast distance, he felt a trace of an Immortal's aura that set his heart palpitating – he fled for his life, never daring to approach again.

Afterward, from the mouths of other Heavenly Demon Gods, he heard of the shocking events that had unfolded over the past centuries.

The Immortal Realm had not shattered, the Chaos Demons returned to their place, the Beidou Immortal Palace, ultra-distant teleportation, Outer Domain Battlefield...

And most crucially, his sworn enemy, the Daqian Emperor, had actually become an Immortal. This terrified him to the core, so he fled deep into the void, far away from the Beidou Region.

Ten years ago, another Heavenly Demon Half-Immortal found him and informed him about the "Heavenly Demon Tao Realm." He decided to participate, leading to the present events.