Chapter 381: Half-immortal's Strike, The Dramas of Taiqiu_3

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"Eh, he managed to block the strike from a half-immortal weapon. The protective divine light of this nascent soul cultivator is unusual, even I can't see it through. Strange...strange... It could be a solidified immortal technique left on him by a Profound Immortal."

"So, it's two cultivators from that ancient immortal court in the north. Interesting, blatantly rivaling each other."

This elderly being was a True Immortal who was hiding here. He had offended the Lingxiao Immortal Court and escaped from Western Daluo to the central region, hiding in Taiqiu Immortal Lake.

The initial look he cast upon Han Yi and Dai Zhe shone with an uncertain light.

In his eyes, although the escaping nascent soul was weak, he held secrets. Furthermore, the half-immortal had a peculiar mind. He contemplated secretly capturing the two. Their resources would then naturally become his own.

However, before he could make up his mind...