Chapter 378: Present is different from the past, Clue of Yuan Shun_1

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Despite being only a medium-sized Immortal City, the width and breadth of Sui Gu Immortal City is a few times larger than the ones Han Yi had seen in the Qian Du and Shu Du of the Yu Heng World.

The administrative divisions within Immortal City were not nine rings as in the Beidou Region but divisions by roads. In total, there were eighteen divisions in Sui Gu Immortal City, with each division being a huge area.

Panjin Road, being one of the eighteen, was located in the northeast of Immortal City, where it housed sects, mountain ranges, lakes, and Immortal Workshops. Ecologically, it could be considered as a miniature Cultivation World.

The Da Zhuang Mountain Range, located in the northern part of Panjin Road, stretched over thousands of miles. It housed three Nascent Soul Sects, and eight Golden Core Sects. The distribution of the sects could be considered extremely dense.

Two years ago, a new Nascent Soul sect, with a Fourth-stage Spirit Vein, sprang up from this place.