Chapter 354: Mysterious Orifice Evil Sea, Ghost Pill Monster Pill_3

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The reason why he chose near the Zhong Fu Shen Qiao was that it was the first Divine Aperture in the Ancient God System, having the strongest divine force. If there was an issue with the Evil Sea, he could instantly suppress and kill it using divine force. Moreover, at critical moments, he could directly connect the two mysterious apertures and summon the Peak Dark Sun to suppress any abnormality in the Evil Sea.

This was the method he'd learned in the World of Gods and Demons.

Seven days later.

He used the Soul Sword and endured the severe pain to cut off a third of his Divine Soul. This was the Divine Soul he cut off by referring to the half-solid pill he had refined.

Not unexpectedly, the remaining Divine Soul caused Han Yi's Divine Soul level to fall from the Spirit Transformation Level and return to Peak Nascent Soul level.

Fortunately, this did not significantly affect his Nascent Soul Late Stage cultivation.

What followed.