Chapter 331: Qingming Kunwu, the Profound Immortal of Black Flame

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Righteous Way Immortal Palace, Inquiry Immortal Hall.

Han Yi sat upright with his composure in danger, with no Nascent Soul aura on his body, appearing like an ordinary person, because at this moment, all his magical powers were sealed.

In front of him, two First Grade Immortal Envoys collected the Jade Butterfly containing the video recording of the interrogation. One of them said to Han Yi:

"The inquiry is accurate."

"Han Yi, there is no problem with what you said."

"However, although the other party set up the killing first, the fact that you killed someone in the Immortal Trading Palace cannot be denied."

"We need to report this situation to the higher-ups for their decision."

"But you don't have to worry too much, even if there is punishment, it will be the lightest kind."

This Immortal Envoy's expression was much gentler than during the interrogation.

Han Yi clasped his hands in thanks: "Thank you, Immortal Envoy."