Chapter 303: Xuan Huang Tai Chi, Token Devouring

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When Han Yi reached the Golden Core peak, he was already able to slay those at the early stage of Nascent Soul. When he just ascended to the Nascent Soul realm, he could even kill Yan Zhan, a soul cultivator at the mid-stage of the Nascent Soul realm.

There were five cultivators in front of him, and among them, four were Nascent Soul, with only one at the mid-stage of Nascent Soul. In his opinion, these opponents were utterly insignificant.

His killing intent was as intense as oil on fire, and he had already unleashed a sword strike. Producing a shadowless sword light at an extreme speed.

The distance between Han Yi and the five cultivators was less than three miles, and at this moment, when he swung his sword, Master Yuan Long shouted and took the initiative to rush forward. With the speed of Nascent Soul cultivators, they were able to cross nearly a mile in less than a single breath.

Han Yi could even see the intense and unabashed killing intent in Master Yuan Long's eyes.