Chapter 293: The Mysterious Dan Dilemma, Cultivating the Flying Thunder Tribulation

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On Qing Chi Mountain.

The violent upheaval gradually subsided, and the turmoil slowly dissipated.

Tens of miles away, Jin Wang furiously wrote with his brush, only stopping after a moment. He raised his head and glanced in the direction where Han Yi had left, the light in his eyes returning to calmness.

Following that, the giant transformed heavy halberd beneath him flew in the direction he came from, making its escape.

After his departure, the vast Qing Chi Mountain was finally rid of all outsiders. At this point, other Gold Core cultivators from various sects of the Yun Luo mountain range reluctantly rushed over, witnessing the residual aura left behind on Qing Chi Mountain, their faces were filled with shock.

The crowd exchanged glances but didn't dare to get too close. They turned around and left, only sending people to investigate in secret after returning to their sects.

On the other side.

Surprisingly, Han Yi's return to the sect went smoothly.