Chapter 293: The Mysterious Dan Dilemma, Cultivating the Flying Thunder Tribulation_2

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This also explained why, in the Cave Heaven, Han Yi was brought into the Soul Slave Space, and Xia Quan, who possessed the Soul Slave Space, was directly soul-snatched by Han Yi, handing over his entire life's cultivation.

"Next, I will advance my Sword Control Skill to the next level, increasing my strength once again. Then, I will also improve my other cultivation skills, such as defense, body movement, Sword Secret, refining my body, and Soul Skill."

"That's right, there's also another important matter, and that is condensing supernatural powers."

Thinking about this, Han Yi felt hesitant at heart.

Supernatural powers are essentially magic skills, but they are solidified in the hands of cultivators, similar to the innate supernatural powers of demon cultivators, possessing even stronger and more terrifying power.

Such as Huo Fei Cheng's Hellfire and Yan Zhan's Soul Puppet were supernatural powers.