Chapter 248: Seeking Immortals in the Void, the Mysterious Immortal is in Danger

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Han Yi's divine consciousness fell into the Qiankun Ring, pretending to check the things inside the ring, but silently scanning the ancient corpse.

The ancient corpse still lay quietly in a corner of the Qiankun Ring, with no signs of aura or hint of spirituality.

This female cultivator's ancient corpse remained the same as before, without any abnormalities.

After inspecting it several times, Han Yi withdrew his divine consciousness with a frown, his heart filled with doubt.

"Could it be that I guessed wrong?"

"This ancient corpse swallowed the Nascent Soul, but there's no sign of anything unusual, which is unreasonable. That was a Nascent Soul, and moreover, a Nascent Soul Late Stage, close to the final moment of the path to Spirit Transformation!"

Han Yi was no longer a newcomer to the Cultivation World and had a deep understanding of Nascent Souls.