Chapter 240: Star River Monarch, Mid-stage Golden Core

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Of course, it was Han Yi who killed Shi Heng.

Han Yi would never mistake Shi Heng's aura, especially after his Ninefold Soul Tower had broken through to the "Breaking through the mortal and entering the holy" level. His Divine Soul was as strong as the Golden Core Peak, making him extremely sensitive to auras.

So after moving a little further from the scene he had set, Han Yi decided to strike, killing Shi Heng.

Originally, Han Yi planned to create the illusion of Yuan Shun's appearance and then quietly leave. As for Qin Wuxian's whereabouts, it would be hard to find him in the vast Shu Du. However, he did not expect a new discovery.

Fragrance Sect.

Han Yi detested this evil cult very much. The experiences of Zheng Hai and Yan Ru were all related to this evil cult. When he had been in Shu Du previously, he had been hunted down by its preachers and even its hall masters several times.

That's why Han Yi decisively made his move.