Chapter 238: Breaking through the mortal and entering the holy, shattering the soul of the immortal.

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Nine months' time.

Unknowingly, Han Yi's Alchemy Skill had greatly leaped in the "Peak Mastery" level.

Refining pills was also cultivation practice.

His cultivation base was also one step closer to the Middle Golden Core Stage.

Inside the quiet room.

Han Yi sat cross-legged on a cushion, pouring his magical power into the Five Elements Refining Furnace in front of him. The magical power was pure and gentle, flowing smoothly into the pill furnace from the mouth of the furnace.

Inside the pill furnace, a green Spirit Pill was gradually taking shape, with many auxiliary materials gathering and rising around the pill as the center.

Han Yi's heart leaped with joy, but there was no relaxation, and he still focused on the task.

A whole hour later, he slowly withdrew his hand, exhaled a deep breath, gently waved his hand, and the lid of the pill furnace flew up. From inside the pill furnace, a green Pill slowly rose.

Han Yi took out a high-grade jade bottle and put the pill in it.