Chapter 237: Tai Yin True Body, Ancient Corpse Devours Spirit_2

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The fact that even a True Monarch couldn't recognize it, but Zhang Tu could, also revealed a problem.

That is, Zhang Tu himself, was by no means ordinary.

On the Immortal Boat heading to Yu State Immortal City earlier, Yu Xi had given a detailed introduction of the cultivators from the Zhang family, among which Zhang Tu was the key focus.

This Middle Golden Core Stage cultivator and Jiuding Sect's true disciple had built a first-class Immortal Foundation, which amazed the world. As a result, he received Jiuding Sect's full cultivation and was conferred as a true disciple.

From the scene in the memory just now.

Zhang Tu's secrets were obviously not just as simple as his first-class Immortal Foundation.

This was definitely a powerful enemy, and Han Yi had a premonition.

After checking Zhang Hai's captured image and memorizing some key pieces of information, Han Yi withdrew his mind from the Sea of Consciousness Space.