Chapter 235: Killing Zhang Hai, True Monarch Appears_3

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However, before taking off on the sword, she had already changed her appearance using the low-grade magical mask she wore on her face.

Over the past month, he had been with Han Yi and learned many survival skills from him.

Constantly changing identities and altering auras is one of the basic lessons in this course of survival.


Han Yi regretted running away too hastily, forgetting to take the money. But upon hearing Yu Qianxi's words, he felt relieved as she would personally deliver the money to the Profound Immortal Pavilion.

After getting off his flying sword and blending into the crowd, he quickly changed his appearance and aura using the Disguise Technique. After transforming five times in the area outside the Supreme Pavilion, he took off on his sword as an early-stage Qi Cultivator and headed toward a certain shop using the Fire Mist Sword.