I Came From The Xanadu Book

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I Came From The Xanadu

Wu Siliu

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You won't understand it before you want to understand it. After living with the old cripple for eighteen years, Shu Guan discovered that cultivation was actually a simple matter. On the azure sea, a massive fleet of steel ships sailed against the wind and waves. Beneath the deep sea, a giant dragon opened its golden eyes and coldly looked up. Fighter jets roared, cutting through the clouds. Ahead, a large wing descended from the clouds, and a crane cried out in the vast sky. On the battlefield, artillery fire filled the sky, bullets flew, and amidst it all, sword energy could be faintly heard. This is a world where technology has risen, yet myths have not dissipated. The path to immortality has been severed, leaving only a solitary figure walking alone.