1 Chapter 1 It's too Real

"Real simulation? An aircraft carrier?"

Looking at the game icon that suddenly appeared on the computer, Allen was slightly stunned.

However, as a member of the navy, he was naturally interested in this kind of game, so he clicked "start the game" without hesitation.

"The game is about to start. Please wear headphones." A prompt popped up on the screen.

Allen put on the headphones as instructed.

A familiar song came through the earphone. It was the morning song of the navy.

"Well done!"

He didn't expect to hear this song after leaving the army. He looked out of the window at the sky which was about to light up. It was time to get up as usual.

"What a coincidence!" Allen seemed to have returned to the Navy.

The game officially began. The first thing Allen saw was a spacecraft, which was the starting screen of the game.

"What... This is a Ford-level aircraft carrier!"

Allen recognized it at a glance, which could be said to be the most advanced one at present.

But his country didn't have one, not to mention a spacecraft, not even a low-grade frigate.

After two years of service, he could only stand guard on several patrol boats.

However, in the White Eagle State, which looked across the sea, there were many squads of the airplane. All the comrade in arms were envious, including Allen himself.

"When do we have such a great weapon? Then we don't have to bear insult and humiliation anymore."

Allen unconsciously clenched his fists.

The navy ships of the White Eagle State regarded the sea area of the Bama State as their backyard. They could come and go as they liked.

It was unbearable, but they had no choice. Their country was not strong enough, so they had no confidence to fight against their opponents.

The game was still on. Allen stared at the screen in front of him.

After the picture of the aircraft carrier disappeared, an electronic voice of a woman came through the earphones, "Confirm the identity of the player."

"Eh? Is there a voice prompt?"

He found his face on the screen.

"Please blink your eyes." Allen blinked.

"Please turn your head." Allen turned his head.

"It's quite advanced, face recognition!" Allen was a little surprised. Was it so rigorous to play a game now?

"Please choose a country and region."

A world map appeared on the screen. Allen habitually zoomed in on the map with the mouse.

The whole process of the map zooming in was very smooth, without any pause.

"Wow, this game is so smooth. I remember that I used to play the removal of mine and always had downtime on this computer." Allen zoomed in on the map and found his country.

"The Bama State, confirm!" With Allen's click, the earphones rang again.

"Welcome to the real simulation of the aircraft carrier,player No. 001!" The woman's voice was heard again.

"Finally come in!" Allen breathed a sigh of relief. "It's troublesome."

The screen gradually showed up. As soon as he saw this scene, he felt a sense of familiarity.

"This is... The navy base in Santiago!" He was very familiar with this place because he had lived here for two years.

Looking at the familiar place, Allen found that he seemed to fall in love with this game. From this game, he could see the place where he had lived and trained. He was very satisfied.

As time went by, the sun gradually sprinkled down and lit up the whole base.

Through the screen, Allen saw everything in the base. He was almost sure that this was the place where he had served!

"It's so realistic. Is it a game developed by the national navy? No, it's impossible. We don't have such exquisite skills."

Allen was confused. What happened to this game?

The scene was like a high-definition camera, smooth and real.

He also found a patrol boat familiar.


Allen exclaimed again.

He was very familiar with this patrol boat. He had stayed on it for three months and ate at here every day. It could be said that he knew every rusty spot on it and couldn't be wrong.

Allen now suspected that it was not a game, but a real scene.

"Real simulation. It's so real!"

A small frigate, four missile attack yachts, and a measuring ship… He was familiar with all the boats in the base!

"The same!" Allen was so excited that his heart seemed to jump out of his chest.

"Start the guidance for the beginner!" the woman's voice came again.

Allen's attention was drawn back. "Beginner guidance? It's very humanity."

"Hello, I am your exclusive artificial intelligence, Casey. You can consult me about all the matters of this game."

The woman’s voice introduced herself. It was not until then that he realized that the woman's voice was artificial intelligence.

Allen looked at the game interface and found that the time of the game interface was the same as the real-time!

"Is it a coincidence?" he didn't take it seriously

Then he saw several data columns above.

Warship science and technology tree.

Technology level: Level 1

Gold coins: 0

He opened the science and technology tree and found that many warships could only be seen on TV, and their ranks were arranged from high to low.

At the top was the game host interface: a Ford-level aircraft carrier!

He was familiar with the general content of the game for a while.

Allen found that it was a simulation game, in which a navy ship could be built, there were:

Supply ship,




Amphibious assault ship,


Aircraft carrier,

And all kinds of special warships.

But whether they could build a warship or not depending on the level of technology and gold coins.

As long as you had enough gold coins and advanced technology, the higher level and types of boats you could build.

Looking at his gold bar, Allen wanted to cry. "This is too miserable!"

So, he thought of his artificial intelligence.


"I'm here!"

"How to make money?"

"You can earn gold coins by completing tasks."

Suddenly, the screen flashed.

A picture that looked like a gift bag popped up.

"Novice gift pack? Does this game have a novice gift pack?"

Allen opened it without hesitation.

"This is…052D!" It turned out to be a 052D destroyer. The display of the ship disappeared in an instant.

Then, Allen noticed that the screen above the game interface was flashing.

So, Allen clicked on the technology tree again.

The position of the 052D destroyer was colorful, not like other warships which were gray.

He knew that this meant that 052D could be built!

"Let's start the construction!"

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