I Bit Zombies Book

novel - Fantasy

I Bit Zombies


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In the apocalypse, West bit the zombie. Unexpectedly, he mutated. Ordinary zombies began to fear him, and he could also absorb the power of other zombies. Others were seeking chances to survive in the apocalypse, but he strolled leisurely on the street and enjoyed the peace. In front of the evil inside the human heart, West and his zombies relished in punishing the wicked. The twin sisters had become his secret lovers. The elder one was still a little arrogant and needed to be tamed. The younger one was much more innocent, thinking she was everything to West. The squad that wanted to kill West was now destroyed by him, leaving three helpless women behind. West had no choice but to take them with him. While others were still struggling in fear, West had already held many women in his harem, possessing the mating right in the apocalypse with his zombie legion.