I become Satoru Gojo but in Black Clover

I find myself walking while I'm thinking, but then I see an old man who seems familiar to me, offers me a new way of living my life, I accept it without giving importance, but I wake up and find myself in a world of magic where everything is new for me . . . . . . . . The characters, scenery and stories are not my property, all rights to their respective authors, this story is created as a hobby, also do not expect much of grammar or sense in the story, you may find several mistakes but I apologize.

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Hi I'm the author :D, well for starters the characters and scenarios are not my property, the right to their respective authors, this story is a fanfic that I do it for hobby, don't expect to get chapters in a row or per week, it can take me days, weeks or months for a chapter, But if you want it to come out fast, then give power stones, please vote and give a good review.



Now this story is written in Spanish and translated to English, so don't expect everything to be correct, because my English is not perfect and I can be wrong, I hope you like the story>.




I am basing the story on the manga so that you know


*Previous chapter*

"You got away, tsundere princess, you got away."


"Who are you calling tsundere princess?"


"Alright, calm down, everyone. Let's start the ceremony. Satoru, you can stay for the rank promotion ceremony and the banquet." Julius intervened immediately to end the fight and start the event.


"All right." Satoru accepted Julius's invitation, although he was going to stay anyway even if he wasn't invited - "Well, let's get started once and for all."


"Now we can begin with the valor ceremony."

"From the Order of Blue Roses, Sol Malon has been promoted to the third rank of mid-level Magic Knight for her 6 stars."

"From the Order of Silver Eagles, Nebula Silver has been promoted to the third rank of high-level Magic Knight for her 9 stars."

"From the Order of Silver Eagles, Solid Silver has been promoted to the third rank of mid-level Magic Knight for his 6 stars."

"From the Golden Dawn Order, Shren Tium has been promoted to the first rank of mid-level Magic Knight for his 8 stars."

"From the Golden Dawn Order, Hammond Carseus has been promoted to the second rank of mid-level Magic Knight for his 7 stars."

"Great job, everyone. Now you can enjoy yourselves with the small preparations I made. Oh, right, I also brought some special guests, and Satoru, I hope you get along well with them."

"Hey, why am I the only one excluded in that sentence?"

After the Wizard King delivered his message, everyone turned around to look at the special guests, who were standing still and silent. None of them said a word, but Satoru was in a folding chair, raising his hand and complaining because he was separated from the special guests.

Everyone looked at the people in the room but didn't say anything and started walking in silence to another room, where some wizards were guarding the entrance to the new room.

"Here is the room for you to enjoy." They stepped aside and opened the door, revealing a large, well-lit room with several tables filled with various dishes and drinks for them to eat.

Everyone went their separate ways, grabbed food and drinks, and began to enjoy the meal. It lasted for a few seconds until they started talking, and the silent and uncomfortable atmosphere disappeared.

"Damn, I can feel everyone's eyes on us. Why would the Wizard King ask us to come here?"

"That's a good question, sempai."

"What the hell, this is delicious; I've never tasted anything like this before!"

"You're absolutely right, Asta. This is a feast fit for the gods."

Asta and Satoru, who were eating, looked at each other after expressing their excitement about the food. They both nodded and took another bite, tears of excitement streaming down their faces.

"Hey, Asta, can I join you and eat together?" Mimosa approached nervously on Asta's left side, and the two started talking while enjoying the delicious food.

"Oh, love is in the air," Satoru remarked, watching the young ones talk, then turned to Noelle. "Girl, you need to know yourself better, or that crazy muscle-brained dwarf is going to beat you to it."

"Eh? What do you mean?"



"Dirty rat."

"Why did the Wizard King bring them?"

"I can't sense any mana in him; I bet he got lucky in the dungeon."

"Even his way of eating is dirty."

"You filthy little rat."

Everyone could hear the insults being thrown at Asta. Although they were spoken in a low tone, it was loud enough for everyone to hear. Klaus and Mimosa became nervous and turned to see how Asta was doing.

"Man, you're not even trying to whisper. Well, nothing new."

Klaus and Mimosa were surprised at how Asta paid no attention to the insults and continued to enjoy the delicious food. However, at one point, he started choking on his food.

The room filled with insults directed at Asta, Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa for being in the room, along with the supposed luck they had. The clear discrimination these nobles had towards the newcomers was evident, and the situation gradually escalated.

Insults evolved into words that hurt people's feelings, and the disdain these nobles had for the rookies became apparent. While the situation heated up, Satoru was at a table savoring a strawberry cake, completely absorbed and not paying attention to what was happening.

"Satoru, aren't you going to do anything?"

Satoru, who was enjoying the strawberry cake, heard a calm and cold voice. He lifted his head and saw Charlotte in front of him. "Eh??? What do you mean?" Charlotte didn't say anything; she simply pointed with her finger to his left. Satoru looked in the direction she was pointing.

When he turned, he could see Asta standing on the table, shouting at the top of his lungs and pointing his sword at the Silva siblings. "Well... okay," Satoru said and turned back to his cake to continue enjoying it.

"Seriously, aren't you going to do anything?"

"Why should I do something?"

"You're their vice-captain."


"To be honest, I became vice-captain just to avoid getting thrown into prison."

*tump * *tump*

Satoru and Charlotte turned to see the loud noise that had occurred a few seconds ago and saw Asta trapped by a sand knight while the Silva brother cast a spell and aimed it at Asta.

"Uh, this is bad... but the little guy can handle it."

Just before the spell was about to hit Asta, his grimoire summoned a large, rusty sword with which he managed to break the sand knight. Using the flat side of the sword, he reflected the spell back at the Silva brother, who received the spell and was thrown backward.

"Good reflexes, brat!" Satoru cheered on Asta. Upon hearing Satoru, Asta smiled with determination. Satoru, seeing this, gave him a thumbs up. Asta, filled with determination to defeat the Silva brother, suddenly felt a strong sensation, causing some nervousness and fear, in addition to being unable to move.

This sensation came from the captain of the Silver Eagles Order, who was walking towards Asta. "An inferior who went against the royal family, how should I punish you?" But before he could reach Asta, he was stopped by the captain of the Crimson Lions, who stood up to defend Asta.

"I can't believe Julius-Dono allowed them to come here, but don't you think it's better to accept it and move on?"

"I didn't expect to hear something like that from someone from the royal family. The Vermilions became decent types. Are you telling the resident eagle of the sky to accept the insects of the earth?"

After stating their views, both began to show a killing intent and display their magical power. The atmosphere in the room became heavy as an eagle and a tiger were about to engage in a fight.

While these two were demonstrating their strength, another magical power appeared in the room, suppressing the magical power of the two captains. Everyone in the room felt a chill, and they began to sweat. Even the captains, who tried to pretend they were fine, gradually turned towards the source of the power.

They saw Satoru standing, smiling towards the captains with his hands in his pockets. "I'm sorry, but those insects you mentioned are under my care, so I'd appreciate it if you watch your language." Satoru showed a warm smile, but with his magical power released, it looked more like a maniacal grin. No one could move, speak, or even blink due to this intense pressure.

But then the door of the room opened, and a mage entered, shouting that the kingdom was under attack. However, he fell to the floor due to the strong magical pressure. "Ah, sorry, got a little carried away." Satoru withdrew his magical power, and everyone could relax a bit, but then they became serious about the enemy attack.

"You say the royal city is being attacked."

[Rock Creation Magic: Rocky World Map]

"T-This is an exact model of the city."

"This is on a completely different level than my spell, [Guide to Magical Flora]."

'Even so, the royal city is guarded by Magic Knights. With the turn system, it's impossible to breach the barrier. Did they analyze the barrier and manage to enter without being detected, or did they bribe the Magic Knights? Either way, there's no doubt it's an incredible feat.' Fuegoleon was amazed by how the enemies entered. Everyone was looking at the city map and thinking about how to act.

"Don't think too much; there's a traitor who let the enemies in." Everyone turned to Satoru, who was the one who spoke. "How do you know that, and how can you be sure of it?" Satoru shrugged and pointed to his eyes. No one understood what he meant, thinking he was either crazy or trying to lighten the mood. However, it only made the atmosphere even tenser. "You know it's time to stretch your bones, dwarf, tsundere girl, and the red-haired boy whose name I can't remember but who is just like Asta, full of energy, come with me."

Each of them stood in front of Satoru, awaiting his orders. Satoru arranged them in a circle and started circling around them. "Whether you know it or not, this will be simple. This is a test to see your abilities. If you do well, I'll train you. To you, dwarf, I'll teach you how to get stronger, and to you, tsundere princess, I'll help you with your magical power. As for you, mmmhhh." Satoru stared at Leopold. "Meh, I'll talk to your brothers later. Well, good luck, and don't die." He clasped his hands together, and the three of them disappeared.

"All right, they're gone. What are you waiting for? We need to save the capital." Everyone was surprised by Satoru's teleportation, but they reacted and split into groups to defend the city. Everyone left, leaving only Satoru in the room, but he looked specifically at a table. "You know, if you wanted delicious things to eat, you just had to tell me. I want that too." He lifted the tablecloth to reveal Charmy, who was eating bread but was surprised to be discovered.

"How did you find me?" Satoru simply pointed to his eyes. "Well, everyone went to defend the city, while you go in this direction." Satoru pulled out a paper from his pocket and handed it to Charmy. "Do you want to defend this building?"

"Absolutely! In this place, they prepare the best barbecue in the world, and if it's destroyed, we won't be able to eat barbecue." Charmy was surprised by this news and looked at Satoru with determination. "I'll protect this building with my soul. Nothing will happen to it." Satoru nodded, and Charmy ran off in that direction at full speed. "Go, my brave warrior, and protect the barbecue." Satoru shouted as loudly as he could while Charmy ran away.

"Well, let's see how the rookies do." And Satoru disappeared from the room.


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