92 92. Debt Can Never Be Left Unpaid


It was Gandhari who spoke up first with an excited voice, She was surprised that Rishi Durvasa offered to teach Karna, He never taught anyone else yet.

Though Gandhari didn't know the reason why Durvasa but others in the room knew why Durvasa never had any students but who is Gandhari? All she is good in people, In her eyes Durvasa just like she is a big devotee of Lord Shiva, It would be great if Karna learn from him.

She didn't show it before but she was very sad hearing Karna's words about how no one will teach him. At that time she thought no one dared to defy the orders of the empress, If she ordered there would be rows of sages ready to tea h karna.

But then she heard Karna's argument, Yes she can make others teach him but she can't make sure they will teach him right. She knows a golden rule : It's better to be ignorant than the lord of incomplete knowledge.


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