72 72. Deluxe Inventory

[Ding! Host triggered Ten-Thousand Critical strikes on it….

Congratulations to the host for getting Delux System inventory and Supreme Akshaya Patra…

Deluxe System Inventory : This is an upgraded version of the system inventory in which you can put anything be it inanimate objects or a living being inside the inventory.

Also inventory is not bound by any laws and only follows the command of the system host, So there is no time to exist. Anything put in it will freeze in time and when taken out it will be in the same state as you put it before.

Inventory is Indestructible, It can't be destroyed either to stuff in it.

(Note : Anything in the field of vision can be stored into the inventory without needing to touch it, and once something was in the inventory, That can be put back anytime you want in inventory even if it was no longer in your field of vision or anywhere near you.)


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