6 6. Paranoid King Of God's

"Sorry Devi (Goddess) but you are not allowed to take that child into heaven."

Man spoke, His voice was like a thunder reverberating throughout the rain clouds loud and overbearing.

"Uwha (Who?)"

Because of the sound Krana woke up from his sleep, In annoyance he wanted to ask who woke him up but as a result only the cry of a child came out of his mouth.

"Devraj (God's King) Keep your voice down, look you wake up the child."

Ganga said as she started shaking her arms to put Karna back to sleep.

"Don't worry putra (Son), Go back to sleep, he is not a bad guy."

Ganga said very tenderly, While trying to put him back to sleep.

Although Karna didn't understand what she was saying, he did feel her tenderness and her intention. His heart filled with warmth, He felt like he might cry again but he held back as not to make her worried.

He then tries to take a look at the opposite figure who is responsible for breaking his sleep through saree as he is still covered by it.


Just as he saw the figure, an answer came into his mind. After all it's not that hard to guess as the figure is not standing on the ground but on a thundercloud, floating above the ground.

'What is this paranoid god doing here?'

He thought as he does not understand why King Of God's Indra came here as he was not supposed to appear here at this time.

He can't sit still now and panic a little, As he said he always thought Indra as a paranoid god because if he ever get just a whiff of someone might become stronger them him, Then he will do anything in his power to deal with them by using strength, deceit, illusions and even honey trap to deal with a threat.

He felt that Indra came here to deal with him as he sensed his Sovereign Constitution. So he sticks extremely close to Ganga as she is the only one who can protect him from Indra.

It's not like he does not get why Indra is that paranoid. After all he is like a bell in a public place anyone who comes across will always ring it.

What!! Demon wanted to conquer the world? Target Indra, What!! Sage becomes angry? Again the target becomes Indra, What!! Someone wants to show their might? go to Indra, What!! Kings wanted to extend their kingdom outside earth? Answer is Indra. Anyone will become paranoid if they alway becomes the target of everyone.

But it's one thing to sympathise with him and it's another thing to become angry if targeted without doing anything.

Even original Karna has suffered a lot because of him. The reason why karna got cursed has a direct or indirect his hand behind it.

"Child? Since when did you give birth to another child Devi (Goddess)?"

Indra did not pay any attention to the baby in Gang's arms at all as he did not see anything special about him but When he heard Ganga calling that child as hers. He panicked.

He had to do a lot of calculation to keep her other son Bhishma in check and now he has one more to deal with? What's more he did not know since when she did she gave birth.

"I didn't give birth to him but He is my child as his birth mother abandoned him in my current, So now I become his mother."

Ganga thought about it a little and said it to Indra. Her logic was perfect as Kunti gave up her rights on him the moment she abandoned him and because she did it in her flow then she directly became his mother.

She also purposely didn't mention anything about feeding him her milk nor did she say anything about his changes. She knows the personality of Indra. If he finds out about those things then he will definitely target her child.

"Oh that's how it is but that's one more reason why I can't allow him in heaven. How can I allow the low born mortal, Who's own mother did not accepted him to enter a sacred place like heaven?"

He spoke arrogantly and didn't even bother to spare a look for Karna in Ganga's arms as he felt that he as a king of god's can't waste his thoughts on low born mortals.

Well...No wonder with this personality he targeted by everyone. He is asking for a beating.

"Indra Dev!!! Mind your words, Don't forget you are talking about my child, If next time this happens be prepared to face consequences."

Ganga's eyes revealed a threatening colour. Her body emitting murderous aura locking Indra.

"N-No No Devi you misunderstood, I misspoke. I apologise for my mistake, its just so that you know the rules, You can't bring that child into heaven."

Indra shuddered in fear, He broke out in a cold sweat as he locked by her murderous aura. She is the last god he wanted to provoke.

Because she is just like her lord, appearing non-threatening and harmless with infinite love to give like water in her flow but once you angered her, She will reveal the terrifying power contained in her gental current.

"Who will stop me?"

Ganga was already enraged, She didn't even bother to argue and directly challenged Indra. She has the capital to make this challenge, After all her lord is Lord Shiva and She herself is not weak either if not for him containing her terrifying flow, The whole word including heaven and hell drowned by her existence alone.

"Devi (Goddess) calm down, I ask forgiveness for my words but that child's destiny is already written, So he has to be here. You can't change that if you do, the world will fall into chaos."

Indra felt like sitting on needles. He never thought that his simple words enrage Ganga this much but because of this he can't allow her to take that child into heaven. He is afraid with this level of doting she might demand to give Amrit (Elixir Of Immortality) for that child or atleast other gods to teach him. He will never let it happen again, He still had Bhisma to take care of it.

"Not a problem, I will keep him there until his destiny's fulfilment time arrives, I can't let him suffer in the mortal realm, Can i? "

Ganga smiled cunningly, She already knew she can't bring him to heaven now as Satwai wrote destiny for her child but how can she let Indra go without losing some blood after he insulted her son.

"Th-That... How about now I give him a boon that he can know and speak every language in existence."

Suddenly these words come out of Indra's mouth without him realising. He became surprised he had no intention of giving the boon as his pride of the King of God's not allow it but then thinking this boon was not worth much and this also appeased Ganga, So he didn't bother to think about it.

"That's...okay then I will not bring him to heaven but who will take care of him here?"

Ganga become surprised, She never thought that Indra will directly give a boon, She thought at best she can get some celestial Astras and such for her son, But he give a boon to her son, She also had to take a step back after all you can't slap a smiling face, If Indra taken step back then she also had to give him his due respect.

[Ding! Host got a boon of knowing and understanding every language in existence...

Congratulations host for triggering a million time critical strike....

The Congratulations host got an additional bonus "Power of Words"....

Power of Words : Host can use his words to create or make changes in non-living things.

(Note: This power will not work on the living things or things carried by sentient beings.)].

Karna was trying to figure out what Ganga and Indra were talking about as he felt the anger of Ganga, Then all of sudden a system voice rang in his mind. As voice fell Infinite amount of mysterious mystical information poured into his brain.

"I know a couple who can take care of him Devi (Goddess) Ganga."

Third voice came from the sky and a figure emitting extreme golden light came to them. As he fell all the things like trees, birds, animals and such turned in his direction and paid their respect as they looked at their King.

"Suryadev (Son God)"

When they saw who came both Indra and Ganga paid respect by folding their hands. The brightness didn't bother them much as they used their divinity to shield it.

Ganga also covered Karna with her divinity fearing Surya's rays might hurt him but she didn't know that it not only did not hurt him but like father's hand created a protection field around him.

"Indradev (God Indra), Devi Ganga (Goddess Ganga)."

Suryadev also paid them respect by folding his hands.

"Suryadev, Which couple are you talking about?"

Before Ganga could ask what Indra asked first, He already had an ominous feeling in his heart about that kid. He is worried that Suydev might be talking about some powerful beings like those mortal words kings or other childless gods. I'd that's the case then he never let that happen.

"I am talking about charioteer Adiratha and his wife. They are my devotees. They are always yearning for a child. If you leave him in their care he will receive a very loving family."

Suryadev spoke and suggested his reason. Both Indra and Ganga fell into thoughts about the next step and because of that they did not notice the love and self-blame in the eyes of Surya when he was looking at the child in Ganga's arms, Trying to get a one glimpse of him through his cover.

'So he is my father, Indeed very beautiful, His handsomeness can be only described as beautiful as...Well like a Sun.'

Karna needed little time to digest the information completely, So he looked at the figure or to say his father through the cover. He felt his gaze on him and also felt his helplessness in them.

He as a father can't take care of his child as to save him from the backlash of cause of and effect, He can't even announce him as his son until his child know he is his father.

'Wait! What are they talking about? Aren't I already supposed to go there? What are they were talking about all this time?"

Karna was finally able to understand what people around him were talking about. This situation is like he wanted to sleep and someone provided a pillow.

But what he heard surprised him, Wondering what they were talking about that he even got a boon out of nowhere and now here is this change of plot.

"But Where are they?"

After some time Ganga breaks the silence and asks, She will never agree if they live far from her shore.

"Don't worry Devi (Goddess), They live in Hastinapur kingdom and work as charioteer for Mahamahim (Excellency) Bhisma himself. So you don't have to worry about him."

Suryadev said as he saw her worry, He was glad that someone there to take care of his son. Then he spoke last words as to convince Devi Ganga more but his real intention was to deter Indra from thinking about doing something to his son.

"Okay then Suryadev, I will accept your suggestion."

Ganga eagerly accepted the offer of Surya as with this not only she can be close to both of her sons but also Bhishma can protect him in her absence.

Indra has no objection. He was more than happy about this decision after all his adopted parents are charioteer, So that child can never be able to learn divine weapons eliminating hidden danger for him. Though he felt little worried about Bhisma but he is not that worried as Hastinapur has very strict caste system.

He did not think that a child can be great, He just felt that better to be safe than sorry.

So everything is decided, Surya given the location of Adhirata and his wife to Ganga. Then she decided to head for that direction but Surya stopped her.

"Devi (Goddess) you never tell the child's name, Can you tell us his name?"

Suryadev stopped leaving Ganaga and asked about the child 's name. He can't wait to know the name of his son. So he hurriedly asked her before she left.

"Name? Mmmm.... Yeah that name is very suitable."

She just realised she had not yet given name to her son. She felt a little ashamed but quickly thought of names for her son but those names were not suitable for him as they all felt unworthy to his Supreme beauty.

She thought about it but she still wasn't able to come up with a name but then her eyes caught the Kundals (Earrings) in his ears.

"Karna, My child's name is Karna."

She said, announcing the whole world the name of tomorrow's legendary warrior.

Just as she announced the name celestials shower them in a celestial flowers. Surya had a wide smile on his face as this name also represents him, Indra was more of a neutral he doesn't care much about name of mortals.

So after hearing a name, He go back to his heavenly abode, leaving Surya and Ganga alone with Karna.

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