29 29. Choice Of Gandhari

"Can you be my eyes?"

Gandhari was taken aback by her husband's words. She knew he didn't know about his uncle Bhisma's previous massacre of her family, but she always assumed he despised her because she was not blind.

He always told her to take off the blindfolds, saying she was acting or faking it and should stop. Now it's turn out they were all excuses to make her hate him and remove her blindfold.

This realisation was a blessing for any wife. Her husband may accepted to be despise by his own wife to pull her from her sea of misery.

She wanted to tell him that she would gladly be his eyes, lead him down the right path, and give their children the love of both of them, but she couldn't. If she says that, she will betray not only a daughter, a sister, and a princess, but also she will betray a wife.

"Arya, Before I answer your question. I also have something to say, so please hear it all before answering it."


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