25 25. Am I Invincible?

[Ding!!! Host struck by a beam of Yogic power granting the invulnerability of Vajra skin.....

Congratulations to the Host for triggering 10,000 times critical strike...

Congratulations to the host for getting the Body Of Faceslap...

Body of Faceslap: The possessor of this body is immune to external damage and only receives 50% of spiritual damage.

All external and spiritual damage will cause 100% damage to the opponent.]

'Huh!? What kind of name is this? And how come these rewards come like falling out of the sky?'

Karna was stunned seeing the name of the reward, Who can come up with this strange name? A definitely not a sane person.

'Wait!? 100 percent hit-back rate, Didn't that mean I didn't have to attack any opponent, They will be struck back with their own power and I will only receive 50 percent of it, Not to mention my armor can tank all that remaining damage.'


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