124 123. Stupid Fox

"Here, This is a place where all the most precious and expensive things are stored, The Royal treasury of Hastinapur."

Karna and Eklavya both come and stop in front of the large tower-like structure which emits the aura of sturdy and stable standing in the middle of the lotus pond.

From first glance anyone can tell that this is an important place and they should stay away from it to avoid trouble. It's just that contrary to what was expected, There were no soldiers guarding this royal treasury.

Even common armoury is guarded and yet the place where all the most precious things are left unattended. The door of the treasury also looks like it is not locked at all.

It gives people the illusion that they can just walk in and take things they desire and just go away, Which also not an illusion. One can literally walk in and take things they wanted and walk away. There are not many restrictions other than one tiny one.


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