5 If I Don't Die in 300 Years, I'll Definitely Return to Misty Cloud Mountain

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"I heard that you're going to the mortal world to guard it?

"Did my stories about my world make you interested?

"You should know that stories are just stories. There's nothing good about mortals."

The voice of an old man rang out in the courtyard, and the figure near the stone table turned around.

His hair was as white as frost, and his face reminded one of a withered pine tree. He was wearing green cultivator robes that were plain but revealed a trace of decay.

"Brother Lin." Zhang Li heaved a sigh of relief and walked forward with a smile. "No one's going to bring you wine in the future.

"I'm afraid not many people will listen to your stories anymore."

Lin Zhaoyang was the senior disciple whom Zhang Li had met during a mission two years ago.

According to Lin Zhaoyang, he was already over 180 years old, and he was only a dozen years away from the mortal realm's 200-year limit.

He did not have any special requests now. He just wanted to spend the rest of his life in the sect.

Lin Zhaoyang and Zhang Li could be considered friends regardless of their age difference.

Lin Zhaoyang had no relatives or juniors, so he was trying to find someone who was willing to listen to his life's stories.

Zhang Li happened to have wine.

"Brat, the spirit energy of the mortal world has dried up. I'm afraid there's no return date for this trip." Lin Zhaoyang looked at Zhang Li, who was sitting in front of the table, and said softly.

Zhang Li shook his head and raised his hand. A small pot of wine instantly appeared in his palm.

Not only that, there were also wine cups.

Zhang Li poured the clear wine into the cups. Then he raised his cup and gestured to Lin Zhaoyang.

Lin Zhaoyang was not surprised that an outer court disciple would have such a storage bag. He raised his cup and clinked it against Zhang Li's before he downed the wine in one gulp.

"The boundless world of mortals, with its songs and wine, can be quite comfortable." Lin Zhaoyang put down his wine cup as his eyes were filled with intoxication.

"Brat, the last time, you told me that Misty Cloud Sect was in danger of being overturned, but you didn't explain it clearly. Now that you're leaving, you should at least be able to give me some insight, right?"

Looking at Zhang Li, Lin Zhaoyang's eyes flashed with a glimmer of hope.

Zhang Li lowered his head and filled their empty cups with wine. He put down the wine pot and said in a low voice, "Old Brother Lin, your lifespan is about to end. Why are you worrying about this?"

With that, he raised the cup of wine to his mouth and drank it.

Lin Zhaoyang did not raise his wine cup and just looked at Zhang Li.

Zhang Li lifted his head and pondered for a moment. He raised his hand and placed a stack of jade tablets on the table.

"Elder of Red Sun Peak, Su Shengyu.

"Elite disciple of Red Sun Peak, Zhang Kainian.

"Elite disciple of Red Sun Peak, Du Chen.

"Elite disciple of Red Sun Peak, Wang Mo.

"Inner court disciple of Red Sun Peak, Xu Jianqi.

"Inner court disciple of Red Sun Peak, Du Jiang."

Zhang Li brushed his palm past each jade tablet. His expression was solemn, and his fingertips trembled slightly.

There was a suppressed flame in his eyes that seemed like it could erupt at any moment.

"If Senior Brother Du Jiang hadn't blocked the sword with his body, I would have died."

Zhang Li stretched out his hand and tore open his clothes. There was a scar on his chest, where the sword had pierced through. If it had been a few inches away, it would have pierced his heart.

"Are you talking about the battle with the Red Sun Sect three years ago?" Lin Zhaoyang frowned.

"You mentioned it before." Lin Zhaoyang's face carried a trace of seriousness. "I also roughly understood that the Red Sun Sect never intended to seize the Misty Cloud Sect's mineral vein.

"That chaotic battle was an accident.

"The Red Sun Sect does not have the courage to face the Misty Cloud Sect."

The Red Sun Sect had two Gold Core grand elders, but they were both at Level 1 of the Gold Core Realm. The sect's overall strength was far inferior to that of the Misty Cloud Sect.

The number one sect within a radius of a million kilometers had always been the Misty Cloud Sect.

It was the same 10,000 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 100 years ago, and now.

"What if I told you it wasn't an accident?" Zhang Li put away the jade tokens in his palm with a calm expression.

"There's a traitor in the Misty Cloud Sect."

"Back then, we caught the traitor and the Red Sun Sect in a secret meeting in the mine. That's why we were silenced."

Zhang Li clenched his fists, and spirit light flashed in his eyes as if he was recalling the scene from the past.

Lin Zhaoyang stared at him.

After he took a deep breath, Zhang Li said in a deep voice, "That person's cultivation is incredibly high, and his combat strength is so strong that even Uncle Su Xingyu failed to keep up 10 moves in. He was at Level 3 of the Foundation Establishment Realm at that time."

Uncle Su Xingyu was already considered an expert. With such great strength in his hands and feet, flying and escaping were not difficult.

If such an expert could not keep up in 10 moves, then his opponent had to be at Level 5 of the Foundation Establishment Realm at least.

Those who were at Level 5 of the Foundation Establishment Realm and above might hold a high position in the Misty Cloud Sect.

However, the Gold Core elders rarely cared about the sect's secular affairs.

"What can a Foundation Establishment Realm traitor do?" Lin Zhaoyang picked up the wine cup and drank its contents in one gulp before gently placing it back on the table.

"You're underestimating the cultivation sects."

"You don't understand either. Those below the Gold Core Realm are all ants."

Lin Zhaoyang was right.

In the cultivation world, strength spoke volumes.

One could call it the strength of the sect, but it was more of the strength of the top experts in the sect.

In Zhang Li's eyes, someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm was an expert.

However, only those in the Gold Core Realm were the true existences that could suppress a sect.

"That's right. Those below the Gold Core Realm are all ants." Zhang Li sighed and filled Lin Zhaoyang's wine cup. He then whispered, "Therefore, the sects have been sacrificing the lives of their juniors to conquer the bitterly cold land for the past 1,000 years."

"So..." Zhang Li's gaze fell on Lin Zhaoyang's face, and he spoke in a low voice. "So, ever since Grand Elder Yun Teng went into seclusion 300 years ago, all the markets on the Lu Yang Continent opened up to Misty Cloud Mountain."

"Brother Lin, do you know what the traitor exchanged with the Red Sun Sect?"

Before Lin Zhaoyang could speak, Zhang Li muttered to himself, "The Spirit-severing Flower. It's colorless and odorless when mixed with medicinal pills and tea, but it can block the circulation of spirit energy for 10 breaths…"

"Ten breaths is enough to do many things, such as interrupt the Great Elder's seclusion."

Lin Zhaoyang's expression finally changed.

His eyes revealed a glimmer that Zhang Li could not look at directly.

"So, you're saying that the Misty Cloud Sect will definitely fall into chaos?"

Zhang Li lowered his head and did not answer.

"Brat, why don't you stay?"

Lin Zhaoyang's voice rang out after a moment of silence.

Zhang Li shook his head and laughed. "Brother Lin, didn't you say that every choice has unimaginable opportunities behind it? Going to the mortal world might be my opportunity."

He had already revealed everything today, so how could he stay?

Was he supposed to stay behind, appear to have a fortuitous encounter, and reveal everything before he entered the inner court's mind probing array?

He had to leave.

Lin Zhaoyang was silent. After a long while, he placed a small jade bottle on the table.

"Brat, if you have the chance to return to the cultivation world, remember to return to the Misty Cloud Sect."

"Don't worry. Your sect will not fall within 300 years."

Hearing this, Zhang Li stood up and said with a smile, "Alright, if I don't die in 300 years, I'll definitely return to Misty Cloud Mountain.

"I'll burn some incense for you, Brother."

"Haha, alright." Lin Zhaoyang laughed and turned to leave.

"By the way, when you reach the mortal world, help me see if there's anyone else from the Lin family in the Zhao state."

Lin Zhaoyang's figure then disappeared into the distance, and Zhang Li's smile slowly faded.

He sighed and lowered his head.

"Senior Brothers and Elders, this is all I can do for now."

"If I manage to return to Misty Cloud Mountain after 300 years, I'll personally exact revenge for all of you."

He reached out and grabbed the small jade bottle that Lin Zhaoyang had left behind on the table. He looked up at the courtyard, and a glimmer of hope flashed in his eyes.

"I still remember that Great Elder Yun Teng is known as Lin Xu in the mortal world."


At this moment, on a three-story pavilion behind Misty Cloud Mountain, an old man in green robes was standing with his hands behind his back.

Behind him, a middle-aged man in his 40s was holding his breath and standing respectfully.

"Chen Zhi, you didn't clean up that mess three years ago. Do you know what to do now?" The old man's voice was so dignified that it made people's legs go weak.

"Yes." The middle-aged man lowered his head and answered in a deep voice.

"Cut the weeds and remove the roots."

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