6 Chapter 6: Kill Monsters and Level Up

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In a vast forest, a young man in leather armor was holding a long knife and was continuously stabbing at the black bear in front of him.

"Puchi, Puchi, Puchi..."

One after another, the knife was plunged three inches deep into the bear's body.

Looking around, there were fallen trees everywhere.

One could imagine how fierce the battle between the young man and the black bear was.

In reality, all of these were caused by Su Mu.


The long knife pierced through the air as the blade appeared out of nowhere. The blade penetrated the body of the black bear once again and jutted out thereafter.


The sound of a heavy object falling to the ground could be heard. The black bear that had been pierced consecutively finally lost its remaining life. It no longer struggled. It simply fell to the ground directly and died.

"Boom! Boom! Boom..."

The black bear that weighed several hundred kilos made the trees topple and caused the leaves to fly everywhere.

[You have killed the black bear. Obtained 100 experience points!]

[Basic Blade Skills has advanced to Level 3! ]

[You have leveled up to Level 6! ]

As soon as the system notification went off, Su Mu let out a long sigh.

"Killing monsters is indeed the best choice for leveling up..."

Killing a black bear gave him 100 experience points, and he could even level up his skills. This could be considered an unexpected gain.

"I should continue. By then, I'll be able to level up again after killing a few more."

The time gradually passed.

Unknowingly, several hours had elapsed.

Within the forest, Su Mu dodged the attack of a lone wolf. The long knife in his hand swung out like lightning, slashing heavily onto the lone wolf's body.

With just one slash, the lone wolf's spine was broken, and it fell to the ground.

[You have killed the lone wolf. Obtained 50 experience points.]

It was 50 experience points.

A familiar hot current rose from his body, indicating that Su Mu's level had officially risen from Level 5 to Level 6.

"There are actually traces of wolf activity nearby. It seems that I have to investigate carefully."

This was a very dangerous sign for Chang'an Village.

Because wolves lived in packs, the appearance of one meant that there was a pack of wolves nearby.

If they were not dealt with, the villagers of Chang'an Village would most likely be ambushed by the wolves while they were working outside, resulting in casualties.

This was not a good thing.

Therefore, rather than passively waiting for the wolves to appear, it was better to directly find them and kill them all.

As they advanced forward, not long after, the bushes not far away suddenly moved slightly.

Noticing this, Su Mu narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed.

"I was just about to look for you guys when I appeared. Now it's really simple..."

Just as Su Mu had this thought, a huge gray wolf suddenly jumped out from the bushes and pounced directly on Su Mu's neck.

It had ferocious wolf fangs and a bloody mouth.


Su Mu raised the long knife in his right hand and swung it roughly.

The sound of an object being pierced rang out.

"Puchi!" The sound resounded, and the head of the gray wolf was pierced through effortlessly. 

Scarlet wolf blood flowed out from the wound where the gray wolf had been stabbed.

With a swing of his right hand, the elite gray wolf's body was instantly flung away. It then hit the ground heavily. 

Glancing at the corpse and the huge body of the gray wolf on the ground, Su Mu frowned slightly.

"This is...the elite gray wolf."

"Under normal circumstances, the elite gray wolf will only stay by the side of the king of the wolves and won't go out to search for its prey..."

"It seems that the wolf pack that appeared near Chang'an Village is not an ordinary one..."

At the same time, Su Mu held the knife in his right hand, turned his wrist, and threw it out fiercely.


The sound of the air being cut was heard. The long knife left his hand and flew quickly to the other side of the bush.

Following the sound, the long knife was stuck firmly on the ground, and the hilt of the knife kept trembling.

Su Mu walked straight to the side of the bush, grabbed the hilt of the knife with his right hand, and lifted it.

An elite gray wolf with a similarly sturdy body was brought out of the bushes and then thrown to the side by Su Mu.

At this moment, because Avril was worried about Su Mu going out alone, she ordered the villagers to make a fire and cook. She then commanded two farmers to follow. They happened to see this scene and were stunned at the same time.

They witnessed the scene where Su Mu casually sent the elite gray wolf flying.

"Oh my god, the captain is so strong..." Bud said with a shocked face.

"This is not the average size. This gray wolf is massive. It should weigh at least 200 pounds."

Yale, who was beside him, swallowed his saliva and agreed.

After saying that, the two looked at each other, then ran towards Su Mu together.

"Greetings, Sir!"

Compared to before, the two of them were not only respectful but also full of admiration.

Su Mu nodded and pointed at the two elite gray wolves on the ground. He said, "You two came at the right time. Go back and get someone to carry these two wolves back. There's a dead black bear 200 meters away. Let's turn it into smoked meat so that it won't spoil."

"Yes! My Lord!" The two of them hurriedly bowed.

When they finished speaking, the two looked at each other. Bud then turned around and ran towards Chang'an Village.

Looking at Yale who still wanted to protect him, Su Mu said, "After carrying the two wolves back, don't follow for the time being."

"Sir, are you going to hunt a wolf pack?" Yale was slightly taken aback as he hurriedly asked.

Su Mu nodded and replied, "Yes, there is a wolf pack nearby. If we don't get rid of it, it will be very disadvantageous to the village."

"Sir, the number of wolves is still unknown. It's too dangerous for you to go alone. Why don't you call the villagers over?" Yale hastily advised.

Su Mu smiled and said, "It's just a pack of wolves. It won't be difficult for me. Moreover, bringing the villagers over will not help much. It will also distract my attention. It's not suitable."

"This..." Yale wanted to continue persuading Su Mu, but what Su Mu said was also the truth.

Currently, in the entire Chang'an Village, only Su Mu seemed to have the ability to kill a wolf pack.

As for the others, only he and Bud were brave enough. The rest couldn't do it.

At this time, Su Mu patted Yale's shoulder and said, "There will be plenty of opportunities to fight in the future. Now, your task is to defend Chang'an Village while I'm away."

"Yes, Sir!" Yale was slightly dazed, then he bowed as he spoke.

Su Mu nodded with a smile, then turned around and went to the side of the bush.

After using his long knife to dig through the bush and check for a while, Su Mu followed the trail left by the gray wolf and followed it ahead.

He walked and stopped, tracking the trail of the gray wolf. After 15 minutes, he finally arrived at the entrance of a valley.

Looking at the valley in front of him, Su Mu frowned slightly.

"As it turned out, it's actually a wolf pack that used the valley as their lair..."

"As expected, my judgment was right. The wolf king in this wolf pack is a Silver-tier gray wolf..."

Thinking of this, Su Mu looked around and then carefully walked toward the entrance of the valley.

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