4 Chapter 4: Heaven Rewards Diligence

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At this point in time, Su Mu did not know that he was different from the other farmers.

After logging off, Avril came across a post and decided to treat him as a hidden NPC with high growth, which was in accordance with the content that she had read.

However, if one ignored the fact that Su Mu had traveled through time, Su Mu's wisdom and performance did fit this inference.

In theory, Avril was right to consider Su Mu as a special hidden NPC.

Back in the game world, a villager followed Su Mu with two chickens and a hare in his hands.

This was the harvest from the hunting trip.

After collecting the food, Su Mu did not return to the village immediately. Instead, he went to the peak outside Chang'an Village to survey the terrain and environment of the entire village.

The mountain peak could be located at the rear of the village. This peak was covered with dense forests and massive rocks. Various animals and beasts were lurking within, and there might be hidden minerals in the region. Meanwhile, the front area of the village consisted of a boundless plain, and there was also a river meandering past.

At present, the geographical environment here was not shabby. There was no need to worry about the supplies and water sources that the village needed most during the early stages of development.

Right then, Su Mu started working.

As a farmer, he could gain experience by working, clearing the land, cutting trees, and quarrying stones.

Other than those, he could only increase his experience by killing monsters.

However, before he could change his job to become a militiaman, Su Mu didn't dare to leave the safe zone of the territory.

Hunting pheasants and rabbits doesn't affect experience. If he went outside the territory, he might encounter some huge wild beasts, and he would lose his life.

Therefore, he had to return to the territory first and cut down trees with the other farmers to gather resources.

After finding a logging axe, Su Mu walked towards the trees behind the village. He raised the axe in his hand high and swung it down heavily.


With a swing of the axe, a small gap appeared at the bottom of the big tree.

At this moment, a notification flashed in front of Su Mu's eyes.

[Note: Activate unique SSS-grade talent, Heaven Rewards Diligence!]


[You have cut down a tree and obtained 1 EXP!]

"This...increases experience points through daily quests?!"

Su Mu's eyebrows furrowed. He seemed to be taken aback.

He had not expected this!

This was the golden finger of his transmigration!

In an instant, Su Mu was ecstatic.

This meant that the speed of his improvement would be extremely fast. This was definitely a huge advantage in the early stages of the game.

Moreover, in the future, he could even kill enemies to strengthen his body. This meant that Su Mu could train himself and quickly level up in a short period of time. On top of those, there was no upper limit!

One had to know that if ordinary people wanted to strengthen their bodies, they could only train religiously. Much excruciating than that, they would also encounter bottlenecks.

However, this wasn't the case for Su Mu. He was actually capable of leveling up directly and could become stronger through utilizing this BUG.

In his current life, he might have a chance to reach the top!

"In this life, I can definitely become the strongest in this world!"

Su Mu clenched his fists tightly. He finally let out his breath and relieved the tightness in his heart. 


There was not any trace of hesitation.

Su Mu raised his axe and proceeded to chop down trees.


[You have cut down a tree and obtained 1 EXP!]


[You have obtained 1 EXP!]

[You have obtained...]

Ten times in a row, when Su Mu had gained 10 experience points, the uncle in front of him suddenly collapsed.

Immediately, two farmers walked forward on their own and dragged the fallen trees to the side. They then began to mend the large trees and turn them into usable wood.

"I gained 10 experience points by cutting down one tree. That should mean that if I cut down two more trees, I will be able to level up from Level 1 to Level 2."

Su Mu was full of energy. He carried his axe and moved to the second tree. Without even saying a word, he began to cut down.

When the third tree fell, Su Mu had already gained 30 experience points.

Su Mu's level smoothly rose from Level 1 to Level 2.

Following such, he opened the system interface.

[Name: Su Mu]

[Identity: Subject of Chang'an Village]

[Occupation: Farmer]

[Level: 2]

[Experience: 1/40]

[Skills: None]

[Talent: Heaven Rewards Diligence]


His level rose to Level 2. At the same time, the experience points required for the next upgrade also increased from 30 to 40. Other than that, there were no other changes.

"This is worthwhile!"

Looking at his attribute panel, Su Mu let out a long sigh of relief.

The attributes on the panel did not change, but Su Mu could clearly feel that when he leveled up, there was a warm current flowing into his body, and it made his physique become a little stronger.

It was just that this kind of strengthening was too weak and could not be visible to the eyes.

Farmers were the weakest among all jobs, and they also had the worst growth rate. If he did not level up at one point, his body and other aspects could only be strengthened once.

However, it would take at least ten times of strengthening before the farmer's growth rate could be reflected through his attributes.

When it came to changing jobs, Su Mu's biggest thought right then was to personally experience this feeling of weakness. Quickly, the desire in his heart for power became even more urgent.

Shaking his sore arm, Su Mu gritted his teeth and continued to carry the axe to the next big tree.

This time, his goal was not just to gain experience points, but to help Avril gather more wood.

Wood and stone were necessary materials to construct the barracks. Only when he gathered enough resources could Avril, as a Lord, build it. At the same time, Su Mu would only have the chance to change his job from being a farmer to a militiaman after establishing the barracks.


Four hours passed.

[Your level as a Farmer rose to Level 5!] 

Su Mu chopped down more than thirty trees without a break. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

Fortunately, every time he leveled up, his physique would improve, providing him enough stamina.

But even so, he was still deeply exhausted.

"Not bad, let's call it a day."

Su Mu smiled. Looking at the blocks of wood piled up into a small hill in the distance, he was very satisfied.

He had gained so much in less than half a day. He believed that the territory would have enough wood for the whole day tomorrow.

On the other side.

After reading the guide, Avril logged into the game again and returned to the meeting hall of Chang'an Village.


As soon as she got back to the game, she saw that the number of wood and stone on her Lord's interface had skyrocketed. Not only did they meet the requirements to build the barracks, but there were also additional wood and stone sufficient to build a new private camp.

According to the game guide posted on the forum, when the initial resources were sufficient, the best choice was to proceed with building the private camp, recruit more farmers, and collect all kinds of resources.

When the farmers and all kinds of resources reached a certain level, they would then form a guild to recruit soldiers, increase the security of the territory, and then build the barracks to turn a portion of the farmers into militiamen. That was most likely the only way she could maximize the use of time and resources.

However, Avril did not think so at this time.

After seeing that the conditions for building the barracks had been met, she immediately chose to build it.

There was no other reason. She simply wanted to nurture Su Mu as much as possible.

She wanted to treat Su Mu as a companion.

This was her promise to Su Mu, and it was also her suggestion to the Lord Players on the forums.

The combination of the two, coupled with Avril's trust in Su Mu, made her reach this decision.

"Build the barracks!"

When the construction of the barracks began, Su Mu returned to the village immediately and participated in the building process.

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