37 Chapter 37: The Storm Was Coming

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"Rob the grain depot? Haha!"

Su Mu didn't know what Avril was thinking. He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

During this wave of robbery, they had indeed obtained too many resources!

Even Su Mu himself felt that it was a little too much. It was no wonder that Avril would think the same.

"What are you laughing at! Tell me where these came from."

Avril looked at Su Mu's inexplicable smile and felt a little annoyed.

Avril was really worried. If Su Mu robbed the grain station and attracted the city guards, wouldn't Su Mu become the wanted target of the officers and soldiers?

How could they still play this game then!

"Don't worry, the source is normal, but... Next, we have to prepare for battle."

Su Mu chuckled, and his expression slowly became serious.

Su Mu knew that he would only be able to deceive the group of mountain raiders for a while.

But before long, these mountain raiders would realize that something was wrong and realize that they had been tricked!

At that time, this group of unscrupulous mountain raiders would descend the mountain and crazily plunder, venting their anger.


Avril's heart tightened. Her brows had a trace of worry in them.

"That's right, the raiders are coming."

Su Mu gazed into the distance with a faint smile on his lips.

Now, Su Mu's level had also reached Level 40, and his combat power had also gained 61 points.

When the next raider attack comes, Su Mu will kill more than a dozen of them and make a breakthrough at the last minute. It would be no pressure at all to deal with their leader!

Moreover, Su Mu had obtained so many new weapons and equipment. If he trained his soldiers well, it would be enough to pull out a team to fight the enemy!

"But I heard from others that they have a very powerful leader, very powerful."

Avril had heard this from the other players a long time ago.

There was at least a Level 40 raider among the mountain raiders. His strength was incomparably tyrannical.

If there was no one in your territory who could fight against him, you would be a target that could be easily cut down by others!

Even if they wanted to use the sea of people tactic to fill up the gap, they would probably need at least a hundred well-armed soldiers to deal with him.

As for Avril's side, she only had about ten soldiers who had just changed their jobs.

The most powerful person was only Su Mu, who had more than forty combat points.

Thinking of this!

Avril's heart skipped a beat, and she opened Su Mu's character panel.

The moment she opened the panel, the attributes on it stunned her once again.

[Name: Su Mu]

[Occupation: Spear Thrower (Advanced Soldier)]

[Level: 40; Experience: 3,211/6,500]

[Attributes: Spirit 21, Martial Strength 61, Intelligence 11, Stamina 40]

[Skills: Advanced Blade Skill (Lv3), Intermediate Bow Skill (LV10), Intermediate Spear Throwing Skill (LV10), Sky-Piercing Blade (Peak)]


After looking at Su Mu's attributes, Avril broke apart. It was simply unbelievable.

Avril clearly remembered that two days ago, Su Mu only had over 40 points of strength.

How did Su Mu improve by leaps and bounds in just a few days?

This...could no longer be described with the word 'gifted'.

"What? Do you think I can't beat them?"

Su Mu smiled lightly, appearing very confident.

His smile was like a spring breeze, giving people a complete sense of security.

Especially for a young girl like Avril, the moment she saw Su Mu's smile, she was immersed in it, as if she had gained someone to rely on.

"It's not that I don't believe it..."

Avril lowered her head and spoke with a low voice. She didn't want Su Mu to see her flushed cheeks.

With Su Mu's current strength, if he were to face other people, he would basically be invincible in this period of time. Moreover, Su Mu's fighting talent was very strong.

"There's no time to lose. I'll bring some people to build a defensive fortification first."

Su Mu did not realize that Avril was acting strangely.

Su Mu began to instruct the villagers to strengthen the wall and build a defensive fortification.

The simple wooden wall also needed to be strengthened. At least three layers of wooden walls had to be built to completely protect the village.

Moreover, if it was possible, they also needed to build a few watchtowers. When the archers were on top, long-range attacks would have a miraculous effect.

Avril watched the villagers working hard to build the watchtowers and waited nervously.


On the other side, in the mountain stronghold.

When the leader of the raiders, Hank, found out that he had been fooled, he was furious.

He looked at his destroyed stronghold. The stronghold that he had worked hard to build for a long time was burned to the ground just like that.

The ground was full of burnt ashes and was in terrible condition.

Not only that, the grain, horses, weapons, and equipment that he had accumulated in the mountains were all plundered.

Hank's heart was bleeding, as if a needle had been plunged into it, deeply piercing his heart and causing him extreme pain.

"Who the hell is it!!!"

Hank roared into the sky and grumbled into the air.

He rammed the long knife into the soil with great force, and with an angry strike, it penetrated three layers of the soil, creating cracks in the surface surrounding it.

All the underlings who were around trembled as they looked at their leader, their hearts were chilled.

None of them dared to approach Hank to talk to him, because they also knew that talking to him while he was in his furious state was no different from courting death.

"Boss... I saw the hoofprints and tire tracks on the ground. They went that way. There are several villages there where Barlow and Jim disappeared."

"However, when I followed the tracks, after a mile or two, the marks weren't clear. Still, they shouldn't have gone far with these supplies!"

Sandy ran back at this time. He had gone ahead to investigate and found out some things.

If Sandy followed the tracks of these carriages, he would probably be able to find out who the real person was.

However, Su Mu had long discovered this and ordered someone to sweep the tracks in the middle.

"Damn it! If I find out who it is, I will definitely cut you into a thousand pieces!"

The anger in Hank's heart grew.

Not only had Hank been robbed, but he also did not even know who the other party was.

Everything seemed to have been planned out. Now, Hank boldly guessed that the reason why such a thing had happened was very likely because of a mole!

And this mole was very likely the people who had betrayed Asako!

Otherwise, how could the other party have known about Blair and the uprising? How could someone suddenly appear and attack the mountain stronghold?

Hank was certain that after those few fellows had betrayed him, they had joined forces with some of the surrounding factions to plot against him!

Therefore, Hank could only bring people down the mountain to find them and kill them all!

Only in this way could Hank keep Lord Blair's secret.

Otherwise, once Blair found out about it, Hank would not be able to escape death. Only in this way could Hank survive and also snatch back the resources.

"Boss...they must be in the nearby villages. As long as we kill them one by one, we will definitely find them!"

At this time, Sandy's mind suddenly became bright as he came up with a plan.

"Everyone, bring your weapons now and follow me down the mountain. All the villages at the foot of the mountain will be robbed and killed. Don't let any of them go!"

Hank nodded slightly.

Hank stared at them with bloodshot eyes, and his cold voice was extremely brutal.

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