I Become a Teacher and Begin with a Library of Heaven's Path Book

novel - Fantasy

I Become a Teacher and Begin with a Library of Heaven's Path


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When the world went through a global change, the game collided with reality and the world rules were turned upside down. Humanity entered the era of worldwide class change. Demons were rampant, and caves, secret realms, and dungeons appeared one after another. Danger and opportunity coexisted. In order to survive, human beings must change their classes, upgrade and become stronger. Eighteen-year-old Zhang Xuan transmigrated to the world. He awakened a hidden class [Teacher] that had never appeared before. He began with three SSS talents. [Library of Heaven's Path]: As a teacher, you have a library of Heaven's Path inside you and can see the hidden information about people and things, including strengths and weaknesses, and you can fix them based on the weaknesses. [Take Apprentices]: As a teacher, you can have x apprentices (x increases with level). Once the teacher-apprentice relationship is bound, you can check the loyalty of the apprentice. [Preach and Teach]: As a teacher, you should teach and educate people, teach your disciples skills, or gift them items. You can get the system probability to return the excess earnings. ... So, Zhang Xuan's life was completely changed! He started to teach students, make disciples, bring out the strongest, and impart the whole world.


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